Introducing Audio Player | Plugin for audio




Audio Player is a tool that makes audio easier for scripting, syncing, and you can even play a audio while building or scripting when using the plugin.

How to use

When the plugin is downloaded. You will need to add minimum 1 sound if you don’t have one.

When you have done that, you need to open Audio Player in Plugins and then you will see the audio you just added.

What if I have too much audios that it can’t show
You will never have to worry about too much audios because there is a scrolling feature. Here is an example.

Okay, now let’s get into the useful stuff! When you have picked a sound it will show the sound and you can play the sound or pause it.

Here comes the syncing part! In Audio Player it is a lot easier to make audio sync with something because Audio Player has a feature called Bookmarks! Bookmarks will be placed in the time position you add it in! And you can left click it which will show the time position it is in but when you right click it you will delete it. and the best thing about bookmarks is that you can copy and paste the time position of it! In scripting it makes it easier for syncing because you can change wait time to the Bookmark time position! If you understood nothing I said here I will make a tutorial in the future but here is an example!

Now you can also use Audio Player for playing music while doing something in Roblox Studio!

That is all! I hope this plugin will help you all!


I don’t really see any point in this other than the bookmark feature, which could be quite useful

Good Job