Introducing Builder Font + Deprecating Gotham and Arial

What do you think of the Builder Font Family?

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its alright, mostly people pick bad because of the initial feedback, i got used to it but it’s still hard to read in most cases but i dont really care for it.

needs better design tho. looks like a hastily designed font


why roblox dont add the ability to add custom fonts? i am arab and i am making a game that target arab but in fonts i dont have much only 5! my choices is so limted and even the 5 dont fit in my game theme but like for english there a lot of choices and some of them fit in my game theme but i dont target english speaker that so sad


Should’ve compared the numbers ‘1’ with Arial and Arimo… hell is that.
Can’t even replace the font, as there’s no way to upload any similar fonts. :-1:

Lmao, hadn’t even checked the difference between Gotham/Montserrat. That’s even more horrid ://


This new change has created the new bug
image image

  1. i have got these fonts before the deprecation

So a billion-dollar corporation can’t afford to spend what is literal peanuts to them on a font? Got it thank you for your expertise mister fadejop :+1: :+1: :+1:

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