Introducing Builder Font + Deprecating Gotham and Arial

I think I am blind if this is a big change.

According to precedent, ‘deprecating’ means either disrecommending people from using a feature or removing it completely.

Make of it what you will.

It looks off in all of the screenshots

Looks like Roblox has officially changed the font in Roblox studio, making everything INCREDIBLY difficult to read, and just plain ugly. Please, I’m begging on my hands and knees, give us an option to change this. Even as someone with good eyesight, this SUCKS. Giving us the ability to add custom fonts would improve accessibility and the overall user experience.
Just look at the explorer, properties, and top menu bar. Especially on the menu bar, everything just blends in. The font is WAY too thin, small, and close together. Please, give us custom fonts, since I know you won’t revert this change.

It isn’t as condensed for me yet… I’m an outlaw. Running from the horrid criminal that is the Builder font.

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Appreciate the workaround! Now everything looks weirder, but at least I can read it! Thanks a ton!

It seems that the old font is fine for me, it may be that I have 1080p and your screen has a different resolution or you have a smaller display?

This image is probably blurry to you but scaled to the right size it is very readable.

I need to clarify here. The Studio UI, as in the explorer panel, properties panel, ribbon bar, etc. use Source Sans Pro, not Gotham or Builder Sans. The issue you’re having is unrelated.

As far as I know, this issue is a rare bug with the bootstrapper (the program that installs & updates Studio). The bug causes the font to be corrupted and fail to load. I believe that the Regular weight is getting corrupted and the Light weight is being used in its place. As far as I know, you can fix it by reinstalling Studio.


So sorry for coming in so hot and heavy; it was a bug, reinstalling fixed it. :sob: Got lost in all the hubbub and assumed it was an intentional change after seeing one other person send the same issue. (@DiamondRoPlayz)

Thanks for your reply and your help, sorry again! :melting_face:

Am I the only person here that does not care about this change? Like, the font replacements are really similar to the old fonts, and you can just… not use Builder. I understand why Gotham was removed, and in my opinion, Arimo is better than Arial (ESPECIALLY the R).


On the topic of the Builder font, I wonder if there are plans on adding Greek/Cyrillic to the font family as Gotham had supported both of those scripts?

I don’t expect them to (I think they just use a fallback font), but it would be nice as there are many Roblox games with a lot of Russian/Eastern European players, and also there are some Greek players too. If they ever add to the builder font I would expect Cyrillic to be added first.

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Why does Arial have to be removed? Even if a licence is required to distribute it with the ROBLOX client, it’s part of the Microsoft Core Fonts for the Web package, which is available for free on every operating system (with the most popular systems including these fonts by default). You don’t have to include it in the client, just use the version installed on the user’s system! You can even have the client bootstrapper install the Core Fonts for the Web package automatically if the fonts aren’t available, which shouldn’t be an issue because ROBLOX already requires the Visual C++ Redistributable (also created by Microsoft) and installs that automatically.

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Oh yeah, I personally agree Arimo is better than Arial, but I don’t know why Arial was removed.

What personally annoys me the most is the fact that the “one” has been given an additional rectangular shape at the bottom, visibly widening the character.

Arimo was designed to be metrically compatible with Arial, which means that both fonts are not only visually similar but also have identical width and height for each glyph. Arimo also offers improved on-screen readability.

I see a discrepancy here.

In most cases it is best to used open sourced solutions, like Arimo
Paying for font licenses in 2024 is just dumb when there are so many better options

I’m gonna enjoy using builder as my font.