Introducing Bullet Hell [Beta]

We at Project RoNetwork decided to work on a new project called Bullet Hell which is now in beta testing. Take a time to test the game and tell me if i get any errors or bugs that needs to be fixed.

Ulric from Project RoNetwork.


First impressions:

  1. The map is very bland, I recommend adding extra stuff to the map, such as:
    a. More barricades, that are unique and not copy and pastes.
    b. Trees, foliage, just something to the environment that is not a flat grass part.
    c. A wider variety of guns
    d. Buildings
  2. Why are some of the barricades on fire? Does this game have a virus?
  3. The guns should have recoil, since there is no recoil.
  4. Not too sure what the point of the spawn box is, it provides no protection if its purpose is to prevent players from getting spawn killed.

v if this isn’t intentional, try to find your virus. if your scripts from the toolbox are fine, check your plugins.

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I built the entire map including the barricades.

also i put some fire on the barricades

I see. Adding fire to the barricades just looks off, and if you want to turn this into a first person shooter in the future, and a player with a bad computer goes into that fire, that’s a lot of lag.

yh man i removed it. Thanks for the advice

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Just visited the game.

My thoughts:

Scripting is very nice, I also liked the GFX for it, but I reccomend making it better.

Please improve the description, store, etc.

The map? I’m sorry, but it was very bland. It was literally just a huge grass part with some barricades.

I really like your idea behind this game, and the scripting, UI, GFX is good, but building and presentation needs to be improved.

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Your map is very empty, add more to it.
The weapons seem like default roblox guns, make your own.
the game is not very polished, and doesnt look good.

im just saying it’s not hi-quality but keep working on it and it’ll be great :grinning:

  1. I’m pretty sure the guns are free models
  2. The game was created in a span of 6 days?
  3. Like everyone else said the map is bland
  4. UI could be cleaner
  5. Maybe add more movement options such as crouching, dashing, b-hopping, etc.
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