Introducing Configure Group

I think the most annoying part is the fact that groups with 0 members, no owner, and nobody to claim ownership or be in the group, are sitting around taking up space. Group names are hard enough to come by as it is but with these ownerless abandoned groups that are shutdown they remain… I also think and owner should have the ability to delete his/her group, as well as the games associated disappearing.


There is 2 Arguments here, if a group was say involved in ford or scamming the owner of the group could cover up there tracks by removing there group.

Say you were hacked you own a grouo with 500 members someone Deleted it…

There would be my 2 Arguments

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Ok I have something I want to mention. With the roles, there should be options to allow roles to view the Revenue section and not be able to spend funds. For one of my groups I’m in, I want to be able to see who purchases our VIP shirt so I can put them on recent donation board in our Game, but I’m not able to view that information without having the ability to spend funds. The head owner of our group is the only one who should have access to spend funds, but I want the ability to just see the revenue Summaries, Transactions, and Payouts

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They probably haven’t updated this, but I see them removing the cost to create badges all together in the future.


I think that’s unlikely, the cost is the only thing stopping people from giving you thousands and thousands of badges that would take forever to delete from your inventory.

:star2::star2::star2: BONUS UPDATE :star2::star2::star2:

Groups can now have up to 40 roles. Go forth and organize :woman_technologist:t4:


I hope one day they add all this, handy tool to give people in your server.

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It’s been explained earlier in this thread


Great! Now we just have 210 more role IDs laying around with no use :eyes:


Does that include the guest and/or owner role? I do like this change anyway, I’m just wondering if it does or not.

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I honestly have no idea how/why any group would use this effectively - but heck yea! More options is almost always better.


Finally! A 40 group role limit, now I do not have to replace roles, I love this change a lot.


My thoughts exactly. 40 roles seems pretty excessive unless you have some sort of actual business setup with tons of different potential positions. Can’t go wrong with more though I guess.

Awesome. Lot’s of stuff you can do with this.

Roleplay groups maybe? More options is definitely something to go with.

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depends; this can be useful for clothing groups who have special roles for people who purchase a specific amount of clothing, i see your point tho

Haha. Once upon a time I was looking for more than 18 roles in my groups, but now I don’t need it and here we get it. I guess some people may find a use for this, such as those military groups that merge two titles together into one rank or separate off into other groups. This is very much appreciated though and I guess if anyone ever has a use for >18 roles, go wild.

My most anticipated feature is still group blacklisting.


Thank you for this I was just about to delete a group role just to add another role.

Great addition with this and the Collaborators feature in studio we can be able to organize multiple group projects much easier within the same group! Keep up the good work! :smiley: <3

This is an amazing update, now I can add more ranks to my group but I wish you could have lowered the price of the roles from 25 robux to 15 robux.

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