Introducing Configure Group

‘Twas a late night on Roblox, alone at my house,
as I visited the Group Admin page with the click of a mouse
It blinded me with its colors and appearance so dated,
and I thought, “oof, a reskin would be much appreciated”;

It’s time for a page that supports dark theme
and with very few bugs left for the engineering team,
I’m pleased to be able to give you the scoop
and introduce a new page, Configure Group

We are happy to announce that starting today, the Configure Group page is live for beta testers!

Here are some screenshots displaying the page’s new look:

For the most part, this is a reskin of the existing Group Admin page, meaning it supports dark and light themes and is more consistent with the rest of our website. We’ve also translated the page into our supported languages, and relocated Audit Log to a new home as a menu option on the Configure Group page.

We’ve made some changes to permission-based content visibility, showing only the tabs that are most relevant to what the users roleset has permission to do and see. In summary,

  • Permission to post group shouts do not provide access to the Configure Group page, as this action is done in the details page.
  • Permission to view the audit log or spend group funds provide access to the Configure Group page.
  • The “Information” tab is only shown to the groups owner, since they are the only ones able to modify anything on that page.
  • The “Roles” tab is only shown to users with permission to manage member ranks.
  • The Revenue “Summary” and “Transactions” tabs are only shown to users with permission to spend group funds.

Updating this page meant a lot of behind the scenes work that will make it much easier to add new features in the future. Things we’ve already heard suggested from developers such as yourselves, and hope to implement in the future, include but are not limited to:

  • Support for mobile devices
  • Filtering audit log by time period
  • Batch updating user ranks
  • Permanently blocking users from joining public groups

As this page is still in development, we are aware of a handful of bugs and will address them early next year. The known bugs are

  • The browser’s “back” button doesn’t work if you aren’t the owner of the group
  • The link associated with a game in a transaction for an item that was purchased in game is a link for the item, not the game
  • Usernames in Audit Log are missing links
  • Some strings still show up in English regardless of language settings

The Group Admin page is sticking around during this testing phase, and you should see both options in the menu on your group’s page. We will be monitoring this thread for feedback and bug reports, so if you run into any issues or find any additional bugs, please let us know, and rely on the Group Admin page until we push out a fix.

Yours grouply, @BitwiseAndrea @c0re0s @Iron_Legion


This is very cool! There needs to be more updates to groups as I feel they’re very neglected.


Cool, but when can we change our group names?


It would be nice if people who ONLY have Audit log access aren’t given access to the configure group page. Other than that, nice update.


Finally, an update I actually like and can be happy using it!


This is very nice! Been waiting for a awesome group page revamp like this. Can’t wait for some new awesome group features.


Great update! Introducing Con!

On a more serious note, it’s great to have the group page match the rest of the website. Still looking for a feature that allows us to give specific permissions to users without a specific role.


Wow so cool, can’t wait to try it out for myself. So far it looks like great update! Also I was wondering if there’s any release date for when it is going to be public?


If someone only has permission to view the audit log, that is the only menu option they will see in the Configure Group page.


Absolutely amazing update, was definitely preparing for the Group Admin page to be updated. A much more modern and friendly UI supporting dark mode so my eyes don’t die trying to expedite group payouts. Thank you ROBLOX! :slight_smile:


Finally a great update to the group admin page. This was much needed and i’d like to thank all of the staff that worked on this update!

However as you’ve updated the page, i’ll post all my suggestions here:

  • Add new permissions including:

    • ‘Edit Ranks’ (allow a rank to change other ranks below it).
    • ‘Group Payouts’ (allows a rank to make group payouts).
    • ‘Edit Information’ (Allows a rank to edit group info / icon).
    • ‘Access to settings’ (allows a rank to change whether the games show on the page and if funds are visible).
  • Split up transactions:

    • Have a ‘Pending Sales’ tab where all of the incoming payments will go.
    • Have a ‘Sales’ tab where all of the payments that were successful will go.
    • Have a 'Payouts" tab where all of the group payouts / ad payments will go.
  • Allow ranks to be deleted when users are in it, all users ranked will be moved to the bottom rank.

Another much needed feature on the groups page is more ranks, there’s 255 slots including the owner, why can you only have 18 ranks per group?


When us, that isn’t a beta tester, will be able to access this update?


Its great to finally see the group configuration page finally being brought up to date with the modern style Roblox is updating to. Are there any new features or functionality updates we should expect to come along with this update, and most importantly, is there a planned deadline for getting this released to the public?


There’s already a group payouts option.


I believe they meant a new permission to allow others to make payouts


This will be a nice update for down the road, I’m excited for the update to groups in general though. I’m glad you changed the information page to owners only, as it was always misleading to open up the group information page and have it come up with an error.

I’m definitely excited to see how this affects ease-of-access concerning asset management, as anything for that will be appreciated from our (the developers’) end! It’s very nice looking, and I’ll be excited to see what updates you guys have in store for the future of groups besides just a re-skin.


I love the cleaner design from the previous look, it simplifies the process of, well configuring groups! Thanks roblox and to everyone who worked on this :grinning:

I do have a question though, will we get a reskin of the Create Page aswell, if so when…?


They might never release ‘‘Change Group name’’ due the fact there are lots of Robux Scam groups that secretly change their name and keep the members.


I am co-owner on my friend’s group and i have permission to do Group Payouts but, it doesnt work. I can provide screenshots if needed.


Theres no Payouts button?


There is an option to lower a rank on the menu already, just simply lower the perms of the rank :wink: