Introducing Eve! | Roblox Artificial Intelligence | Feedback!

This mini project that is still a work in progress, and this consists of randomly chosen answers from the AI depending on what the player has said, I plan on giving her a memory and maybe implementing self learning if I can even do that LOL!@loveicicIe

Lines of code? : 370+
Unfinished : true
Time taken : Probably hours
Scripter : @loveicicIe

Currently she responds to “hey eve”, and tries to continue a conversation, right now I only have one type of conversation but she has multiple different saying hello and they are all random, and whatever type of response you tell her after she asks you how you are she responds accordingly depending on what you say!


RenderedImage (8)

RenderedImage (9)

RenderedImage (10)

There are more varieties depending on what the player says!

In this section, I’ll showcase eve reacting to what we say and she responds accordingly, and I try to apologize after but the timeframe for me to do so ran out! , too add I also gave her a bit of life by also reacting to whatever I ask depending on how she feels about it, look at her face and youll see! I’ll probably give her more life and animations and face changes!

In this short section, I’ll attempt too apologize to eve!

RenderedImage (13)
In this section, I ask her the day and after she gives it to me I thank her, this has a few variations, heres a few

RenderedImage (14)
I ask her to tell me the time! Only one variation of what she says currently


Im presuming this place would only have 1 player in each server, since it would be hard for Eve to recognize you with everyone else. Nevertheless this will be a cool place just by yourself talking to an A.I.

Can’t wait to see Eve grow in more updates, and imagine if she/it can memorize your conversations when you left the game! :open_mouth:


DUDE so cool Its so awesome that you did that Hope you keep it up
:+1: :+1:t2:


Thank you man for the kind words!

Hopefully she’ll get smarter over time!

Amazing. Keep up the good work!

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A cool idea and if continued and done right could turn out to be a great future system for all games alike.

My current critiques are UI design based along with grammar and spelling errors. With time you could easily iron out any big problems.

Please do remember to make sure all actions taken by your ‘ai’ are within Roblox’s guidelines/TOS along with filtering enabled acceptance.

Good luck with it!


This is incredible! Keep up the good work! This seems like something every game could use.

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That is so cool! I can’t wait to see how much eve can do in the future! But I think you should slow down the speed that eve talks at. Like have her wait before answering. So she can think about the question you asked, instead of answering right away, which we mere humans can’t do. Keep up the amazing work!!! :wink:

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hello, how you’re doing this?
Actually Arificial Intelligence?
Or just something like HTTPS for a website that responds or something like that? Can we test it on a place?
Looks good, but, too good to be real xd.

Based on what I understand/know/guess; it has a message tree built within it’s code and it tries to connect the dots on what is being said with what should be responded with. It isn’t an actual AI that you would find being developed by some massive corporation but it is likely the best we will get when it comes to Roblox as of current.

The message tree will read the text sent and see what it matches to in the pre-written texts in it’s database(the script) and then follow the pre-chosen route of replies that it has at it’s disposal.

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This is good!
Question, can I test this on place?
I wanna have some fun :stuck_out_tongue:


This is insane. Only thing I suggest is to make Eve say her answer to the question maybe a second or 0.5 seconds after you ask the question. It feels unusual to have an answer immediately after you ask the question.

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Yeah I worked really hard on her thanks for the feedback!

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Kinda close but no her answers are not in a tree she picks apart words from what you say and I gave her understanding of such words, and some other stuff behind the scenes, shes chooses what she decides to respond with

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Great work! I really like the UIs too.

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This looks cool and I’m interested in trying it out soon.

But I wonder what would happen if lots of players was talking to Eve. Maybe you should focus on that somehow, or make it 1 player only.

In feedback, I thing you should make the GUI a bit smaller. Or, maybe change it into it’s own chat bubbles? You do you. :wink:

I can’t wait to see you work on it!


Interesting stuff. It definitely seems as though you’ve hit a milestone.

Despite being marketed as an “AI”, it still relies on phrases from a database though. I’m not a scripter, so perhaps this is a tad optimistic, but is there any possibility for it being self-learning in the future?

Well like if I implement a DataStore of all the things players have said and then maybe store it in her memory somehow ill make her start acting on her own

This is incredible, keep up the good work!