Introducing Inklii, the community drawing game

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As the Free Draw 2 rewrite gets closer and closer to release, I’ve felt that the Free Draw brand doesn’t suit it all that much any more. After a lot of planning and some internal discussion, I’ve decided that we need a fresh start.

Welcome to Inklii.

Inklii is effectively a sequel to Free Draw 2, under a different name. It’s an attempt to make Free Draw 2 the best it could possibly be, with new features and polished old ones.

While the new features themselves are very notable, I’m going to avoid listing them here as that would take too much effort.


What’s happening to Free Draw 2? Is it effectively dead?
→ Free Draw 2 will not be receiving any new features from me. I, however, will provide future patches as necessary. Instead, Qaeo will have full control in implementing any new features as he desires.

Is Inklii going to operate under the Free Draw group?
→ In a way, yes. The community Discord server will stay the same, effectively being a joint server between Free Draw and Inklii for the near future. There will however be a new Roblox group where the game and moderators are held.

Why don’t you just name this Free Draw 3?
→ Discontent with the Free Draw brand, for one. However, the most important reason is that I’m not willing to release something I’ve put this much effort into under a group that I don’t own. This project, while starting off as a rewrite of Free Draw 2, is something of my own. I’d like it to be recognized as that.

When’s it going to be released?
→ I’m not going to put any release date until everything is done as to not put any additional stress on myself. Fortunately, I don’t see the release being too far away as of writing this. (everything left to do can fit into a single to-do list!)