Introducing Migrate to Latest Update

Can someone explain to me what’s new about this?

No offence, but this basically the same as usually just that Roblox shuts down the servers for you🤷‍♂️

This is probably the main difference. It creates a bunch of new servers while shutting down the old servers and probably preventing you from joining the old ones. That way everyone can join back into the game smoothly without having to wait for Roblox to start more servers to accommodate the large load of people trying to get back in.

Edit: Since it also does it over 6 minutes there’ll also be less people trying to rejoin at once, further reducing the amount of players that’ll be trying to rejoin at one time.


Ok thanks, but they should make it so they automatically rejoin the new servers, and give a 1 min warning


That’s where the combo with soft shutdown comes in perfectly. Roblox starts the new servers for you and locks the old ones, soft shutdown teleports the players to those newly-created servers. Win-win

(Soft / smooth shutdown being a separate developer-created module posted on the devforum, for those who didn’t read the previous reply from Oficcer_F)


I did not even think about that! Oh my! Thanks a lot!

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That would be fine as long as the update was small. But if you made changes to the “obby” or changed a script that manages temporary state, how would you account for this?

This is amazing! Again, a good feature added to Roblox!

Alright, I like what you have going here and I got to say this will be a helpful feature so I’m going to add on to what you currently have and explain what I think should be done!

Or if there were calls for this like how it’s done for when the game is shutting down: DataModel:BindToClose
and have a have two calls like DataModel:BindToMigration and DataModel:Migrated.

Would take place when the “Migrate To Latest Update” gets pressed and recognized by the server. Preferably allowing a Soft Shutdown-like script, giving the players full warning before it actually occurs. Which will allow creativity with stuff like “Server restarting for an update in 60 seconds!”.

For when the server is successfully migrated to the newer version, letting the game know that this new server they are in is migrated, allowing creative messages like “Server successfully restarted!”, which can be done with a different method, but this one could become preferable. If players happen to get stuck in the old server too this can also help the server send a second call for directly teleporting them to an updated server.

Instead of making this fully automatic in the back-end, I think we should be given a creative response for this update! :slight_smile:

EDIT: Also, I would think it would be really cool if there was an estimated time till migration feature that could be connected to DataModel:BindToMigration, but I don’t know the technicalities of that.

Also for what @CaptainLetus mentioned, I believe this can be used as a sustainable solution that you could work into your game, saving the temporary state even though it technically should be temporary and pass it along to the new server.


This sounds like a promising feature at first, but I’m not sure I feel comfortable using it unless Roblox 100% guarantees that as soon as you click the Migrate button, it becomes impossible to join an old server from that point onwards by any means. As said earlier, I wouldn’t want someone to join a new server and then return to an old server afterwards, creating a risk of data loss/corruption.

The fact that this doesn’t work for universe games is also an issue, so I don’t think I could use this feature in that case.


you can save infinite data, past the 260k limit, by making another datastore entry for the player. like maelstronomer_file_2. then just combine them when they load

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This will be very nice if the players would automatically migrate to the newest version without being kicked. Thanks for the update!


It is unclear to me what exactly this does. Is it a “timed” alternative to Shut down all servers? Does it take the saved game version from studio? Is it different to how Shut down all servers shuts down servers?

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It’s a cool little update and all, but I am concerned about when it kicks out players because of player count. I recommend transferring players to a new server so the players could just resume their gameplay with the newest update. Because if it just kicks out players, players will think that they did something wrong and will get pretty angry and then they don’t want to play the game.

It’s still a pretty cool update because it’s spread out over 6 minutes. But may need some fixes.

It progressively shuts down servers, and matchmaking will avoid the old servers from being used.

Please read the OP.


This is so much better than clicking play again and wait for like 20 minutes.

I can finally stop making people angry.

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As I do see this as a very good idea I think it’s better to simply move the players instead of kicking.

I use this a lot, is it only now being added or because I’m in beta?

Am I the only one who tries this option but it causes some players and servers to just freeze and never reload?

Everytime I do it and I’m waiting to see the effect it only ever freezes. I just sit there eternally waiting for it to change. I have to manually click play again to join a new server.


My biggest problem with both shut down all servers and migrate to latest update is that it artificially lowers my average playtime which makes data from that whole day unreliable.

Roblox should make reconnections not count as new play sessions but continuations of the previous one


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