Introducing Migrate to Latest Update

I think this is a fairly good update. You don’t have to go through the hassle that is shutting down all servers and then turning it back on and such. I think you’re on the right track! :slight_smile:


I was actually in the progress of creating a version control system that auto-shutdowns the game

but this is really good for a rollout if you have like a quick-patch for games.

Really hope this gets iterated on in the future so we can customise the time or maybe listen in for an event so we can create a timer in-game?

EDIT: Does any in-game menu pop-up that tells the users that a update will be migrated?


Just noticed the button and had no idea what it was. Seems like a great update and it’s more convenient for us now :slight_smile:


Thank you for your feedback, migrating players automatically is something we will consider doing in the future


Players will not be matched into the old instances, once the option has been selected.


Out of curiosity, why will players lose a tonne of progress? Isn’t that pretty bad UX for players with a dodgy internet connection or who might accidentally hit the close button?


Currently this option is per place, we will look into adding this for the universe in the future.


Thats great feedback, will look into solving this in the future.


I was really hoping this would replace Soft Shutdown, which still seem less disruptive. But if I understood Migrate to Latest Update correctly, they are not mutually exclusive so that’s cool!


Glad to finally have an official update on this! I’ve seen this option earlier, but this is nice to clear things up. Nice, Roblox!


saw the option to migrate to latest update on accident before this topic was made… about 2-3 weeks ago. overall, this does make it easier to downgrade if the latest update didnt go as planned.


I don’t really trust Roblox will guarantee old servers cannot be joined. So if I add a new item to my player’s inventory in a new server, and they “Follow a friend” to an old server (through website or teleportservice or exploits), my game needs to support handling unknown data types in the older server.

Secondly, we use universes, which might as well be listed as “deprecated” at this point, so it doesn’t look like this feature will apply to us anyways :confused:

This feature looks useful for rolling out small patches that don’t warrant an immediate reboot but I would still opt for a “Shut down all” if I was doing a live update (or anything that added new content). 6 minutes is a bit too long for that. An option to set the time might be interesting!


I was randomly on the play page for my game, and saw the Migrate to Latest Update button and im like, “oh that will be a cool feature”

This was like almost a month ago


It’d be cool if there was some kind of event that we could have our scripts listen to so that the developers can warn players that the game is shutting down soon.

If your game has story missions or something of the sort, you could also use this to prevent them from starting a mission that they wouldn’t have time to finish.


A way to do this passively would be to put players in the newest version of the game when they click the play button unless they are following a friend. This way the old servers will be allowed to die without disrupting the playing experience.


Oh, good to have some knowledge on this now. I’ve seen this for a while and I’ve had no idea what this is. This is awesome though!


That would be great. It would save much time for players having to go back onto their web browser.


This is great! Its an very awesome feature, i hope to see updates like these in the future! But, why did it took that much time to the feature be announced, when the button existed much earlier?


Uh, sorry for the late response, and not being even the owner of the game, but i think the game rickje139 means, is Plane Crazy, which actually has an auto save system, but at least from my opinion, it isn’t that great, the auto save system doesn’t seem to save everything you do, sooo, yeah, i guess i agree with rickje139.


Nice job, looking forward to using this. Anyway can we discuss about improving the advertisements? Like make it where we can put the ad time for a few days etc.