Introducing Mini Cities: The (previously) latest and greatest city builder

It’s always been a dream of mine to make my own game for people to play, and today this dream is finally becoming a reality. For the past half a year I’ve been working day and night to bring this game to life; so it’s a huge honor to be here today!

If you don’t want to hear me babble on about some of the features I’ve been working on, here’s the link for you to try it yourself:

Just remember this is the first game I have ever made and this is the first week it has been out, so definitely expect bugs.

A general synopsis

Mini Cities is a game that let’s you create your own city unlike ever before. It uses a classic Roblox art-style which gives it a more semi-realistic feel. Build your way up from zero to hero as you grow your cities population. Bigger and better buildings are unlocked the more people you have. Mini Cities comes with other 100 unique buildings, so you don’t have to worry about a lack of variety. You can also paint buildings to bring personalization levels never seen before in any Roblox city game. I truly think this game is an experience worth trying!

Here are some of the features I’m most excited about:

Full-fledged AI traffic:

Unlike other city games where traffic spawns randomly (or not at all), Mini Cities traffic has places to be, and will travel to destinations within your city. Using a custom pathfinding script, Cars can navigate themselves to and from work every morning and night. They also help keep your industry running by making important deliveries or by driving down to support the local shops. Of course if your device can’t handle them, there is always a way to disable them.

The powerful terrain tool

Similar to Theme Park Tycoon 2, Mini Cities lets you take your city to the next level. Although it currently isn’t as advance as the TPT2 Terrain system, Mini Cities terrain system allows you to customize and place any block you need. After that, it’s just a matter of building the biggest mountain or digging the deepest chasm. Your city truly comes to life with the terrain tool.

Watch your city interact with itself

In Mini Cities you can’t just place a few houses and call it a day, your people have needs and it’s your job to fill them. Your citizens will be happier based off the world around them for example: people will be much happier surrounded by a nice forest instead of a noisy industrial zone. This is the just the tip of ice-burg, however. Shops need factories to run, factories need workers and houses need happiness. Almost every building in Mini Cities interacts with each other one way or another, the fun part is watching it all unfold!

These are just a few of the reasons Mini Cities is great, Of course since this is my first release, bugs are to be expected. However, I really hope you enjoy your time playing the game as much as I’ve enjoyed making the game. I welcome all feedback, good or bad, so tell me what you think! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a game to update!


This looks really cool! Honestly, this looks a lot like some of my favorite mobile games. One question though, are there little people that walk around? I think it would be cool if there were little characters that walked around and said stuff randomly.


Not any little people yet, but I have thought about it. For now the best is the tiny cars driving around lol


That’s still really cool! I am really excited to try out your game. I love this idea truly.


Thank you!! Hearing stuff like that is really my favorite thing lol


Obsessed within two minutes. Very well done on the game.


Maybe add more ways to make money?


I don’t have much time so i skimmed through the text, but i was wondering how much time this took. It looks amazing this is a great project.


Read through the whole thing. Skimming doesn’t give you everything.

This is the MOST advanced game I have ever seen on Roblox. You have done an absolutely stunning piece of work and I really do hope your game gets successful! Great work and I hope to see your game on the front page!


Woah this game is AMAZING!!! Definitely keep updating it. Plus you should add more Gamepasses.

One thing though is you should fixe the chat UI:

Its a bit unpleasant. But also do a UI overhaul.

What’s your screen size and resolution? just so I can improve it lol

I love it, and I’ll be sure to spend plenty of time on it. If you could add something where we hover over unhappiness and it shows what they’re unhappy about, because right now, I have no clue why they’re unhappy! : (

1080p and a 27 inch display. It should be fine?

If you click on the house then it’ll have a pop-up tab with a reason why there are un happy. You can’t be in any build tools though.


It should be, but I’ll look into it.


You should put that in the tutorial, so people learn it. Because there was no way I would’ve known without you telling me.

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Yeah fair enough, I’ll find a way to communicate that better


I was wondering, is there an auto save feature, when you leave?

Also, it seems I can just AFK for 10 minutes, then build more, then AFK, then build more. I don’t know how you would make a feature to prevent that, but try to add something that lowers cities happiness if you don’t attend to them.

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So the saving is mixed between autosave and manual where autosaves saves every time you leave while you still have the choice to save to a designated file.

Also I don’t really intend to make an anti afk feature since I don’t really mind how people play as long as they’re playing. Although I do like the idea of citizens getting needy when you don’t tend to them lol.

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