Introducing New and Improved Plugin Management!

Instead of making a developers workflow more tedious, why not instead have a team of moderators that have knowledge in coding review each individual update?

While this arguably would have some drawbacks, I believe it’s better than not simplifying the current process. Presently without manual approval in place malicious developers can still cause problems by taking advantage of naive users that trust them openly.

That’s a good idea but it might take too many resources. Notably moderator time. I’d love an auto update feature though. Both for my own plugins as well as for plugins I trust (e.g. CloneTrooper1019’s plugins). Whether you update manually or automatically you’re still going to get effected it’s just less noticable. For that reason I think a persistent notification would work well. (E.g. plugins x, y, and z have been updated and Dismiss/Rollback options)


Wow! I’m glad outdated things are starting to get changed, thanks roblox! :smiley:

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I thought it show up in this but it empty?

I have like 20 or 30 plugins installed.

This is pretty great, i like that new change. Its a lot easier to turn them on and off + it looks good (Visually)

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I love the dark mode support! I can’t count how many times my eyes were burned on opening the old one

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Have these plugins been manually installed or have they been installed from the website? Also, do you know where these plugins have been installed?

This information could help us track down the issue.

Really liking the update. However, I think there should be some button to click “Show more details” for the plugin’s description, without having to resize the entire window.

I also can’t wait to see the Develop page update to the new UI design. Seems like that’s the only page left to update.

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well I installed plugins for a while and no I don’t know where plugins have been installed in it.

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This looks really good!

However, when I tried to install a plugin this happens:

Not big of a problem. Just looks odd.

The top bar; Catalog, Credits, Robux are ontop of the advert.

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This is more of an issue with the studio web browser.

Am I the only one where when I press the + it opens in my web browser, then I have to open up studio to install it. Then it doesn’t even install

That is intended behaviour. The process should go like this:

  • You click the + in Manage Plugins
  • Your preferred web browser should open this page
  • You click a plugin you want to download (while still on the web browser)
  • You click Install
  • Roblox Studio is opened
  • You should see a window like this
  • You click Install again
  • The plugin is now installed!

While this seems a bit complicated, it’s relatively straightforward and is a nice tie between security and usability. I’m sure the process of installing plugins is next on their QoL improvement list.

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That is exactly what happens to me, except after I click install, the plugin is not installed D:

This could be an issue with your system (as plugins are installed to your hard drive)

Are there any error or output messages? Does the plugin appear in the InstalledPlugins folder?

the plugin just showed up now. It took about an hour to install

Anyway to disable the new Plugin Manager it is very bad for me it takes me to a
buggy webpage and non of the plugins load. :confused:

Yeah I am experiencing the same thing currently.

Visually this looks great, but functionally for adding new plugins it’s honestly a hassle. I’ve just used it for the first time and I have two different accounts I use, one is signed in on my main browser, the other is signed in on a secondary browser. Because of this update, it’s a serious tedious hassle for me to install plugins for one account if it’s not signed in on my default browser.

I don’t understand why it has to open in your web browser if all that does is open it in studio… via studios browser, seems like an unnecessary extra step.


SO BAD we have to open up a whole new studio to het a plugin and also why do we need to open up a new google tab there is no put keep it in one studio like it use to be.