Introducing New and Improved Plugin Management!

Hey Developers!

We are excited to announce that we have completely revamped the plugin management window in Studio! With this new & improved interface, all functionality will remain the same which means you can enable/disable plugins, update plugins, uninstall plugins and navigate directly to a plugin’s item details page. This interface is also compatible with Studio theming #darktheme4life.

Over the next few weeks, we will be adding some additional functionality to this management interface so stay tuned for updates! Hope you guys like it and let us know what you think!

Big shoutout to the team that made this happen: @iriszh, @Mr_Purrsalot, @iMightBeLying, @CaptainSpaceCat7, @ZeroIndex, @longlongchien, @portenio, @chilliflakes19, @St4rst0n3, and @westbyz80! :smile:


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And so the plugin revolution begins…
Get ready folks, this is going to get interesting :slight_smile:!


This update looks awesome, some of the ROBLOX webpages look outdated and I’m glad that is being changed.
(cough update Create - Roblox and Roblox)

On the idea of Plugin Management functionality, will there ever be an “autoupdate” option and a “rollback version” option?

  • Both would likely be manual.
  • Autoupdate so you don’t need to manually click those pesky update buttons.
  • Version rollback just in case a developer updates the plugin source with nonworking code or another error.

And will there ever be functionality to install plugins from the Plugin Management widget? Currently, when you want to install a plugin it will instead open a new studio instance that prompts the installation.

Example plugin I tried installing (opened a new studio instance with a buggy website panel to install the plugin from):

(P.S. Thanks Dev Team!)


This is pretty cool. I like the transition of all the old widgets in to those cute little JS web fidgets


This is an amazing change to the Plugin Management. I noticed that, before, the plugin management was outdated compared to the other Widgets/Guis. Anyway, a feature that would make the Plugin Management perfect is a search bar. I have many plugins and it is hard to navigate between them in both the Plugin Management Gui and


It’s a Lua widget. Almost had it. :stuck_out_tongue:


lol i meant they are taking the online JS web widget style and moving it to studio/lua


I disagree with automatic updates for security purposes, but an ‘update all’ button would be welcomed alongside some kind of indicator that a plugin even needs to be updated to begin with.


I should’ve directly stated why I said ‘autoupdate’ would be a manual decision.

I added that in for the security purpose

I personally don’t think that should be an option given the associated risks, but I understand the convenience of it.

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The security issue can be notified to the player when they attempt to set the ‘autoupdate’ flag for the given plugin. It could be laid out similar to how enabling LoadStringEnabled of ServerScriptService works.


Also, it may be important to note that at any point a developer could still inject malicious code though a plugin by publishing a source update to their plugin. All a user would have to do is update their plugin manually and they will still get affected.


I agree with you. It leaves a bunch of vulnerabilities for the creators to install viruses or leak the game. And with these new plugins like, “Install Me” for example may have viruses (I don’t know) but that is dangerous for people who are professional and make money to have a plugin leak all the work.

Keeping the process manual would mitigate the number of users affected in the event that malicious code is uploaded since news will have time to surface before a majority of users decide to update.

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So glad to see more things matching the dark theme. Any idea if ever the “Create” page on the web site, will respect the dark theme?

That is why I suggested it to be manual in the first place when I brought up the idea.

I was referring to manual updating (the current functionality); my reply pertains to both optional and mandatory automatic updating. If you’d like to continue this conversation, I suggest we do so privately to prevent rambling.

I’m pretty sure that this new layout completely breaks the functionality for being able to install a plugin without having to re-open studio. Just installed a new plugin a few seconds ago and had to save my work and re-open studio for the new plugin to show up in the Plugins bar since when looking for plugins it now opens your web browser to take you to the Library & then when you click install from your web browser it opens a brand new studio window to install it. The latter was very useful and I hope it can make its return (unless I’m doing something wrong, in which case disregard this post lol)


Looks good however I think you should keep the square-type buttons (for toggle)

Everything is square but this