Introducing our New Localization Tools!

All of the LocalizationTable’s functions are now documented.

Most of these functions are designed to be handled directly with the data fetched from the GetEntries method.
I suspect there will be a plugin developed for editing LocalizationTables in-studio at some point in the future.


array<dictionary<string, Variant<string, dictionary<string, string>>>> entries

Man, some of these types are getting out of hand, there probably needs to be a more sensible way to document them eventually. Not particularly readable for anyone who hasn’t buried themselves in C++ template code before.


Yeah I agree, it’s a little overkill.
We’ll probably just change it to array<dictionary> to make it less verbose.

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You’re absolutely right. We’ll add placeholder text support to the system as soon as we can. That was an omission on our part.

(placeholder text was added sometime after we already had the system working initially so I forgot. That’s my excuse)



The tricky part is there’s 80,000 something ideographs for proper CJK support. We bundle a 16 MB font on most platforms that includes 65K glyphs for that. Adding Bold would be another 20 MB. We broke some limits and caused some panic when we added the last font so we’ll have to figure something out. That’s our problem though.

I’m sure we’ll have to do something for this when we’re looking towards supporting Japanese proper.

For things like this, keep bugging us if it’s a priority for you. It helps is justify taking time away from other things to fix this stuff sooner.


Nice update, I like it.

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Are there any stats about which percentage of roblox users use what language as their system language?
This would be useful for deciding which languages to translate first I imagine.


This seems like a sketch way of creating a localisation system.

Once you have the two language types, will the game automatically choose the language based on the user’s language settings or will you have to publish a separate place for different language versions?

Never the less, it looks pretty cool.

So how long until we get en-uk?



So confusing when I first joined…


Will there be ways to change titles/descriptions/badges/gamepasses into other languages? (So players know that the game is available in their language before even entering)

Also will the discoverability of my games improve if i translate them? (i.e. will Spanish players see games with Spanish translations in their recommended sections, etc)


Also, my Localisation Plugin Area doesn’t work at the moment.

I don’t know if this is normal


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I don’t think its that, the buttons are disabled to start off with, and don’t activate after I switch tabs.

Do you have a place loaded in Studio, and are there any error messages in the output? What happens if you restart Studio?

Ok, i found the issue - if team create is on it never works for me. I don’t know if this is a known problem, i haven’t seen anyone else mention team creates.

But i went into one of my games, turned team create off and the localization buttons were activated again. Then i turned it back on and they were deactivated.

What would be the best languages to start out supporting? Like aside from English, what is the second, third, fourth, etc. most sought after language of Roblox users.

The plug-in itself only supports Spanish (that we explain in the tutorial) but the systems its built on, LocalizationService and LocalizationTables, don’t have these same limits.

You can go ahead and add a de-de column to the spreadsheet, import it, and now you’ve got German. You can type game.LocalizationService.ForcePlayModeRobloxLocaleId = "de-de" in the command bar to test it. Users won’t be able to select this language in game yet at this time though.

In scripts you could still create a Translator object with GetTranslator(“de-de”) and look up German strings in code.


Thanks for the feedback. We will look into any issues with team create next week.

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You can do your own analytics for your games by reporting LocalizationService.SystemLocaleId.

I’ll see if we can share any of the data we have on our end, but no guarantees that I’ll be able to.

Also at this very early point you should probably think more about potential in these new markets more than what the numbers currently are. As a developer this is more of a “explore and create a new market” stage than a “capitalize on an existing, well understood market” like what we have in English speaking countries. It’s a different mindset.


How many/what languages will this support when it fully releases?

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