Introducing Promoji! [ Make your chats pop! ]

Introducing, Promoji!

Promoji is a new and upcoming way to spice up your chats with emojis! :grinning:

Promoji is a free way to make your chats pop! In a simple click of a button, tons emojis will be able to be used easily and efficiently!

Promoji Offers:
A wide range of emojis to make your text pop!
A search system to make it easier to find the emojis your looking for!
A sleek GUI to match the default ROBLOX GUI!

How to add it to your game!:
First download & insert this model into your game:
( Promoji! [ Make your chats pop! ] - Roblox

And it’s that simple, you’re done!


Want to test it our before putting it into your game? Try it our here:
(1) Promoji Public Testing Place - Roblox

Find any bugs? PM me or reply to this post!


Says it’s off-sale.

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Hm, I’ll try fixing it. Sorry about that.
Fixed it, should work now.

Hi! This should be in #resources:community-resources

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Oops, Sorry! I’ll put it there immediately.

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No problem, just wanted to give you a heads up. This looks cool!

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Can you provide screenshots? Or did I misunderstood the purpose of this post


Could you provide screenshots or a demo video?


Screenshots? Test Game? At least an explanation on how to use it?


Sure, I’ll add a sample video to watch!

This is in use:

The link to the module Is a require to the module ID, I go by the rule of “never ever install a module you can’t see or you have not reviewed”.

For those that want a link to the module (102 scripts):

I have a feeling that 102 scripts are likely un-needed and this is a module that needs to be optimized.

Cool stuff tho, thank you for sharing!

Thanks for the feedback!

I just don’t know how I would tone down the number of scripts because a script is in each emoji / textbutton, and I feel like it would cause tons of lag and be inefficient if i was looping through all of them at the same time trying to detect clicks.

Also, the scripts that are in the emojis shouldn’t lag your game, the code inside them is very minimalistic.

Nice idea however you realise on windows they use the same emojis that you can get with less scripts by just clicking WINDOWS + Period, :wave::thinking::star2:

I suggest adding the ability to create custom emojis (using settings module) to only your game and they can use them, sicne that would make it a great resource.

Maybe in the future ill add custom emojis!
Also, this was supposed to make it so the windows + . method was more sleek, and people on different operating systems (macos, ios, etc), easier to add emojis…

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I assumed that it was made for other OS like that just wanted to check, anyways I have no use for the module however if custom emojis is added i might.

You can use the Win+. keyboard shortcut instead. Roblox already has their own emoji system for those who do not have access to this.

Actually, what you are doing right now is very inefficient (wasting memory, difficult to edit). Instead, loop though every button once and connect a click event for each. This should be much more performant and efficient.

Does it compatible with the new 2022 chat system?