Introducing: Roblox Pathfinding

The old path system can calculate a path between a 4x4 opening, for some reason this new one can’t.

Will you guys be fixing that soon?


Can you attach a repro file that demonstrates that behavior?

I got that behavior too.
It also looks like it not likes unions too, my temporary fix is to set all unions to CanCollide false then make the game set them to true to make it work.

And as the picture the I have same issue that the paths can’t pass through doors or tight hallways.

And I also have used the old one it worked fine for the same of what I mentioned that the new one can’t do.

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I also have this - this is what the navmesh shows:

The door has plenty of space to walk through yet somehow it can’t find a path through it :thinking:

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Can you upload a repro file for that door as well?

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Did the issue ever get solved?

hullo i am very late here but
can we get Falling and Idling as an Enum in PathWayPointAction?
helps with accurate code output :slight_smile:

also a datatype similar to TweenInfo would be amazing
alongside some nonhumanoid support!!! (i neeed this)

implementing this in its current stage is very difficult for my game so i cannot wait for the next update!!
thank you for all the work

EDIT: also i had the weird mapping issue on crossroads: it doesn’t seem to notice the brown part even though it is clearly large enough, so the map goes below the part. didn’t affect gameplay for me though


That doesn’t seem like an action that would ever happen when following a path - falling happens automatically when walking off a platform, and idling never happens.

Walking is an action - it’s triggered by user input when you control your character.
Jumping is also an action - it’s triggered by a request to jump (i.e. press on spacebar, or tap on the mobile jump button)

yeah you are correct- idling would really not be necessary, my bad.

i would still advocate for falling, even if it’s not an ignition
when working with models which aren’t playermodels the information is useful- especially if in future we can input model dimensions when pathfinding.

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I support this because I don’t use humanoids either.

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We’ve enabled some changes yesterday that significantly improve navmesh generation time for places with terrain and for some non-terrain places with complex geometry, and clean up terrain navmesh results a bit (in particular, the insides of terrain are no longer marked as navigable). On most templates total navmesh generation time is approximately halved as a result.

If you have any issues with navmesh generation that you didn’t see before related to terrain, please update this thread or create a separate thread in Bug Reports.


theres still this one


You will need to provide a level file in order for the staff to resolve that case. They can’t recreate it with just a screenshot.


Does this service throttle pathfinding requests? Because after 100-150 requests in about a minute and the service starts to almost always return a path containing 0 waypoints from there on.



You literally don’t need a file; it literally cannot go through 4x4 openings like the old system.

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If it’s so easy to trigger, it should be just as easy to create a simple demo file. Please include a repro file regardless.


pathfinding error.rbxl (15.8 KB)

Alright, here.


I assume its the clearance area around the corner being around 2 studs. When there 2 pillars are closer together, the 2 clearance area overlaps, rendering the area undetectable.

Are we getting mesh support for this? Having a difficult time applying this to meshes.

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It’d be awesome if we could get more options in the future. Like:

  • Configurable speed: The speed of the actor affects when Jump actions will be successful or not. Higher speed means longer jump.
  • Configurable size: Maybe you have some giants in your game that you want for NPCs, but you don’t want them to try to fit themselves under small ceilings like smaller characters.
  • Part blacklist: It’d be awesome if my NPCs could walk through closed doors. Opening doors for NPCs is easy enough, just wait til they get close enough. The hard part is making the path ignore the actual moving door part. It’d be awesome if we could tell the algorithm to ignore certain instances and their children.
  • Built-in Humanoid support: A method on Humanoids that accepts a Path and possibly returns an object similar to a Tween object, that indicates the current status and have events for when the humanoid is done walking on that track. This is mostly just a time saver, but convenience methods are basically half of all methods nowadays!
  • Ability to define custom “moves”? : In addition to “walk” and “jump”, we could define different actions the actor could take to mutate themselves in some way. Examples: Duck (to go under a low ceiling), Crawl, Super-jump (Superhero NPC?), Run (as a precursor to Jump, which would then create a running jump to get more distance), etc.