Introducing: Roblox Pathfinding


It’d be awesome if we could get more options in the future. Like:

  • Configurable speed: The speed of the actor affects when Jump actions will be successful or not. Higher speed means longer jump.
  • Configurable size: Maybe you have some giants in your game that you want for NPCs, but you don’t want them to try to fit themselves under small ceilings like smaller characters.
  • Part blacklist: It’d be awesome if my NPCs could walk through closed doors. Opening doors for NPCs is easy enough, just wait til they get close enough. The hard part is making the path ignore the actual moving door part. It’d be awesome if we could tell the algorithm to ignore certain instances and their children.
  • Built-in Humanoid support: A method on Humanoids that accepts a Path and possibly returns an object similar to a Tween object, that indicates the current status and have events for when the humanoid is done walking on that track. This is mostly just a time saver, but convenience methods are basically half of all methods nowadays!
  • Ability to define custom “moves”? : In addition to “walk” and “jump”, we could define different actions the actor could take to mutate themselves in some way. Examples: Duck (to go under a low ceiling), Crawl, Super-jump (Superhero NPC?), Run (as a precursor to Jump, which would then create a running jump to get more distance), etc.


Not only that but those jump nodes that are literally on the surface of the doorway blocks are going to prevent a humanoid from getting past the door at all


YES! Thank you so much for this!


Was the issue able to be resolved by any chance?


According to your code, the path starts at the top and finishes at the bottom.
So that yellow region isn’t a “jump” but a “fall”.

If I switch them, the path is more correct but still a little weird.


Oh, I was playing around with the code from the wiki, I didn’t realize I was doing it backwards. Aha.


The nav mesh doesn’t update when a part becomes CanCollide = false or CanCollide = true to calculate a new route.

Is this also going to be fixed?


How soon is that as for now?




when are updates and fixes coming to this…