Introducing Rosurgence | The next generation of tactical FPS gameplay

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Welcome, friends!

Rosurgence is an upcoming intense, tactical, first-person shooter which revolves around you, a member of an elite SWAT team, as you confront armed and violent hostiles in fast paced, intense environments.

Take control of your fireteam and deploy to various regions around the world, intervening in critical junctures in world history. As you progress, you will face more challenging scenarios, where every tactical decision you make will affect the mission and the stakes have never been higher.

The game features:

  • Fully intuitive AI system, with access to an array of weapons, including small arms, functional melee and grenades.
  • Breach and Clear system with door-locking mechanisms and three different breach mechanics.
  • Realistic maps with emphasis on tactical decision making - there is more then one way to approach every problem.
  • Advanced ballistics module, allowing bullet penetration through various materials depending on ammunition caliber.
  • Five unique scenarios, complete with bespoke cutscene animations and objectives.
  • Fleshed out voice-acting for Mission Control & AI interactions
  • Unique world lore woven into every mission. Keep your head on and your eyes peeled.
  • Tailored uniforms with different lore backgrounds for both players and AI

Sound cool? Great! We plan to release mid-December. Watch our game trailer below for a taste of what’s to come!

Did somebody say screenshots?

Interested? Please join our Discord and our community for more information!


Wow! This looks amazing! Definitely will be keeping my eye on this!


Game looks Fun, A ton of potential.
But i have a few questions and Criticisms:

Does that mean that there are only 5 Missions/Levels?

The phone looks a little too shiny
Also, is that Blood? t’s unclear whether that’s Blood or smth else. (Try to make it more red or a bit brighter if it is.)

Is that dust on the Floor near the Shelves?

You can make the Darts on the Picture frame more “Angled” to make it a bit more Realistic.

In the trailer at 0:02 The Blood looks different from the “Blood” on the Screenshot below (If that’s blood)

0:32: The Gun model looks a bit too “Plastic”, You can add some Material/Texture to it.

0:33: You can add an Animation for when you Switch between Guns

0:39: You can also add an Animation for the Grenade

0:42: The Grenade explosion didn’t seem to do anything to the NPCs

The Recoil of the Guns can be toned down a bit, but that’s just my Opinion.

Overall: The game looks pretty fun and has a lot of Potential, I’d play it.
Can’t wait for its release and try it out, I hope you succeed in your Projects, Tomtide.


Hi. I’m the Builder of these maps here to answer your questions.

At initial release there are 5 missions, yeah. We’re planning on adding more missions later on.

Yeah the lightning was a little too bright in this screenshot, causing the phone to shine. Will be resolved, thanks. Blood will be brighter, thank you for the feedback.

It’s leaked oil, does look like dust yeah.

Pretty neat suggestion. Will edit this.

Yes, different decals were used.

Will pass this on to my colleagues.

These are planned features which we didn’t finish before making the trailer.

They died, these are their bodies flying through the air.
& on the ground

I agree, I will pass this on to my colleagues.

Thank you for your feedback, we appreciate it. I hope we can count on your support upon release.



acs gun engine spotted?
it looks like either acs, carbon, or the alpha engine.

it looks generic, like a ready or not / tarkov wannabe. nothing stands out.