Introducing SmoothingAngle property for PartOperation (Enabled Globally)

It looks really good to be honest, it will definitely be useful for a lot of games! :smiley:

Smoother trains incomimg! Thanks a lot for this!

Really! Great job you guys did right here!

didnt we always have that? just turn on smooth and edgesplit in blender

But its nice to see that it was added to studio, makes it useful for those that don’t use blender or don’t know what it is.


It’s not mine, as I was just using it as a demonstration. I’ve updated it with a work of mine now :slight_smile:

There seems to be a bug where SmoothingAngle doesn’t work on parts that have been unioned without the feature turned on. I disabled the feature in the first place as I ran into a few errors, which I thought this new feature was causing, but these bugs are now fixed and had apparently nothing to do with it. Ie, i’ve set the SmoothingAngle to 40, but it hasnt actually changed anything.
I can undo this change by going back a bit but its really annoying to find where it changed.


having unions randomly disappearing upon saving to a file or the site is extremely frustrating.

Yep. I’d love to use unions more since it’s easier for most of my use cases when making places, since most of my models aren’t really complex enough to justify using Blender, but the union corruption bug is really discouraging.

Hopefully since they’re making updates to unions it means this bug can get some attention and hopefully get fixed.


I find this useful for optimizing games.

So here’s how to make unions optimized:

  • Set SmoothingAngle to 0 (or as low as you want for a good look).
  • Set RenderFidelity to “Automatic”
  • Set Transparency and Reflectance to 0 if you can.
  • Set the collision method to “Box” if possible.

owo now trains dont look low poly

Would like to know why some models are not smoothed as expected. Could you provide me a few through private message?

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This property is designed not scriptable at runtime. But we plan to add a SmoothingAngle parameter in Boolean operation API so it can be part of union itself.


Consider me satisfied!


Time to experience this beauty!

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If you wan’t to smooth a mesh part select your blender mesh click shading smooth and reupload the mesh.

This is amazing!

The only thing I see is the shading is a little off, and causes weird issues

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yah shading has been a problem some have reported

But that’s the reason this update came out… so you don’t have to export and import it.

Now if only spheres and cylinders weren’t simplified… Cool update though! I think I’ll be sticking to V1 until V2 is able to give me more precise unions. Also it’s way of handling zero width cuts is odd, I would like it if it chopped off the cuts instead of leaving it and causing me a headache.

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Awesome! Definitely will be very helpful for a lot of developers.

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I can’t wait to use this feature!

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