Introducing SmoothingAngle property for PartOperation (Enabled Globally)

It’s working fine for me.

Could you possibly post a picture of the object you are trying smooth so we have a better understanding of it?

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Shade smooth only gets you halfway. By edge splitting a smooth shaded model and changing the angle parameters, you get the same effect and properties.


Since when were we told about this? CSGv2 still has a lot of serious problems that need to be ironed out before I can seriously think of using it instead of CSGv1.

A lot of the stuff I work with is built with CSGv1, and V2 has compatibility issues with V1 that prevent me from using it in the future, as well as some other issues on it’s own.

Here is a union I threw together in V1, it is 1 union with a few somewhat complex shapes and a hole in it.

When I separate it in V2, it creates these weird glitches on parts of it, giving it these really flat triangles that stick out terribly.

Another bug is that sometimes, when unioning a bunch of flat bricks (in this case, I intentionally recreated the bug). They gain strange smoothing and curvature that I don’t get with V1. (also theres a small graphical glitch too)

I request that CSGv1 still be maintained even if to the barest minimum because a lot of games still use it to this day, and because CSGv2, while being superior in a lot of ways, also has a lot of faults of it’s own.

To this day, there is absolutely no reason to use CSGv1 or CSGv2 over Blender or any other modeling software, unless you’re making something simple or otherwise. Both systems have flaws, and having unions randomly disappearing upon saving to a file or the site is extremely frustrating.


Idk how to respond to this! this seems amazing! but also difficult, ill have a good at it and see! :smiley:

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I just tried it, but my unions doesnt even smooth out :confused:

Is this property scriptable at runtime? It seems like a feature that should be part of unioning itself and seems like API bloat. I suppose it’s easier to understand this way though.


For some reason, it was just the game it was in. I switched to a new game and I got the item in there and did it. Thanks anyway!


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After years, the most awaited feature is here!!! Thank you to make this possible! Now we can do better creations

Cool and useful! Thank you, @Roblox!

Yup. This is one of the main concerns why not >= 90.


Yes finally.This makes a lot of stuff easier. Previously you either needed to convert your union to a mesh in Blender and then upload it or use CGSV1 but this makes developing certain stuff Really easier. Thank you for this feature!

Make sure you are not using this feature in a Team Create place. It will be supported in final release.


I can’t smooth the hair i have in my testing game, is it because it’s a meshpart and not a union?Udklip


Nothing is happening for me, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

Yes, this feature is only for CSG (unions) so it won’t work for mesh parts.


:eyes::eyes::eyes: looks great

It shouldn’t have any impact on performance! It (normally, and I presume Roblox is doing the same) works by rotating the normals of vertices in the object. If you have a cube, all the normals on the cormers will be facing outwards from the face they are on. If you smooth it out, all those normals will rotate along the axis of the edges they are, and it’ll be smooth. So it’s just a rotation of the normals


Now this what you call technological innovation. ROBLOX is stepping up this year.


Why won’t it work on meshparts? It would be extremely helpful for me if it did.

Finally smooth csgv2 unions thank you so much.