Introducing SuiteUI Lite - A free, full UI framework for your game

SuiteUI Lite

A free, full UI framework

Get SuiteUI Lite | Test it out (PC Only)

SuiteUI Lite is a full framework for your game including:
Info section where you can tell people what your game is about and how to play
Report Abuse section where players can send reports directly to your Discord server via a webhook
Store where players can purchase gamepasses for your game
Full featured music system with a skip command for people with a rank in a group or higher

SuiteUI Lite, but where is SuiteUI regular?

SuiteUI regular is not ready as how I would like it to be, some things aren't working and it's a bit buggy, I also wish to add more features to the full version, feel free to leave suggestions.

Sounds good, but I'm on my phone and I want to see it!

Okay, okay, here take some neat screenshots:

Report Abuse
Music Notification

Have ideas for an update? Of course you do!

Send me suggestions or bugs either in replies on this forum, or through messages on either Discord, Twitter or DevForum.

Thanks for having a look at SuiteUI Lite! Make sure to stay tuned for SuiteUI!

If you like the model, be sure to join my Discord server or Group where I post new updates and models for you all to use.


Mobile currently is having problems with sizing, will be fixed asap.


Very well made, cant wait to see what you create next!


Very well made! The user interface is very clean and sleek! Well done in making this!


Thanks! I hope enjoy using it if you are using it, and let me know if you have any suggestions.

I have a suggestion, can you make an admin panel UI? I would love to see that and I would probably use that.

I have actually made one before, be sure to check it out, mind, it’s not 100% secure and it’s old. Search around for StaffUI on the devforum.

I was looking for “StaffUI” for a few minutes and I only found 2 topics. The first is this one, and the second is “Dissapearing UI elements”, which does not have the StaffUI Gui download or uncopylocked place or model.

Here, got the model:

Would you be able to add styles/themes?

Just wondering.

I personally think some of the UI’s are a bit unclean, but for the most part they’re very sleak.

When you press close on the report section, then reopen this happens

When you click on something like info it auto closes

When you reopen it again it crashes

Other than that I love the tween effects

Styles and themes will be in the full SuiteUI regular release.

I will attempt to add more debounce and stop this.

Thanks! Be sure to let me know if you use it!

I think this is an extremely good open-source UI set, it will help loads of people out I’m sure. I can’t wait to see the things you make in the future, and also, I love this “SuiteUI” system. Some criticism-ish; I thought myself that the “OPEN” button could be adjusted and either put on the LEFT side of the screen and maybe adjust it to make it smaller. Although, again, I love this UI ‘kit’.

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In the full release of SuiteUI, I’ll add an option to change the position of the button.

On that, do you have any certain styles you would like to see?

Well made, love how it operates, sliding open and closed. Clicking tabs makes them fill up the UI instead of just flashing to it. Good job.