Introducing the Ban API and Alt Account Detection

Will there be a way to disable this?

Disable what? If I may ask. Like, Using an old system to ban users? (Ex: Kick on join)
I think you can still use the old system to ban users, But I would definitely try out the Ban API.


Elaborate, I’m guessing that you mean “How do i remove a Permanent ban from a player?”
I’m pretty sure you’re able to just use the Unban Async to just easily unban them.

Thats for BanAsync not UnbanAsync :+1:

Oh? SIlly me, I must’ve misread it. But yeah, You’re right. It would be useful to have private reasons.
But at the same time, You could possibly hook it up to a datastore or something for now.

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Haha no problem. Yeah thats the conclusion that I’ve come to, easier to just use a datastore for this very reason.

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I was going to say this doesn’t exist unless Roblox plans to add it.

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So cool! Finally a way to ban players without relying on a third party script! It would be so cool if you added a moderation category in the games overviews in the creator hub to see how many people got banned in a given period of time, ban people from website etc…

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Nice! This will finally stop alt-accounts and prevent in-game ban evasion.

I’m glad this feature is finally a thing, it’ll undoubtedly help, especially against people that evade bans, mainly exploiters, in the majority of games.

I still have one question though. By far my favourite game, Bloxel, which is a voxel-based building game, has had rampant griefing throughout 2022 and 2023. We had a moderation/chunk protection system maintained by a couple moderators set in place to prevent this, but to no avail. We removed build permissions from the accounts we knew were repeatedly griefing, yet they kept coming back on new accounts. Of course we removed permissions from them as well, but only after they caused havoc on multiple builds.
Thus i’m wondering how customizable the ban api is. Do we need to use to built-in roblox ban system or can we use the alt detection technology seperately? This would make it possible to give offenders a different in-game punishment other than a straight ban or kick, and would definitely provide a solution for the rampant griefing sprees in Bloxel.

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I’d like to think maybe I’m just doing something wrong or confused, and if so, please correct me.

The alt account detection flat out doesn’t work. Why release this feature and advertise it as such if it doesn’t work as intended? I just think it should actually do what it’s supposed to do before announcing it like this. I’m quite literally doing the bare minimum of just opening an incognito browser and successfully rejoining off an alt.

I have the utmost respect for our engineering and product teams behind this, and I actually think it’s an awesome addition to the API - but why release it like this? It doesn’t work.

Quoted post says it the best.

The most blatant form of ban evasion is account hopping. If this doesn’t account for that, you guys are missing a key part of why this feature has even been requested in the first place and I really would suggest a different approach to it.


Idea that would definitely improve this (at least the banning side) for me:

Make it so that in the Experience configuration (or maybe Place configuration) menu on Creator Hub you can customize your ban message. Using pre-determined strings that will be substituted for the values according to each user (i.e. {Reason} would be substituted to the reason on the ban), one can decide exactly what they want banned users to see. And, maybe even provide one for temporary bans, one for permanent (in case a creator wishes to explicitly state “you are permanently banned” or “you are banned…you will be unbanned on some date at time”.

(Unrelated side note but this solves the “the creator” wording issue that some people including myself don’t like)

Depending on the game which focus on user generated content, users have the ability to load scripts to add functionality to their creation. Wondering if this can be disabled or have restrictions on what scripts can use this api, as it would be beneficial to prevent unauthorized bans by malicious entities.


More security and restrictions with this API needs to be in place I feel to prevent any game (not even user generated ones) from having unauthorized ban actions by malicious entities.

Hey again; saw you responding to a bug report related to this API so wanted to pop in and ask if there’s been any results of these discussions (or if they’ve even taken place yet). No rush, just want to make sure it hasn’t been forgotten about.

Also, I know you guys are very tight-lipped about the actual alt detection mechanisms being used here, but is there any word on the concerns some have expressed about alt accounts on the same IP as a banned one not being flagged and banned? Would really appreciate some clarity here because aforementioned, if this isn’t working (or worse, hasn’t been implemented at all, which I doubt) it opens a huge loophole to the alt account detection feature as a whole, especially for devs who have replaced their previous custom-made alt-prevention systems with this new API.

Oh, and it hasn’t been mentioned by many others in this thread, but I wanted to thank you for single-handedly addressing everyone’s concerns/bugs related to this new API. It’s really awesome to have such strong communication with y’all who developed this entire system after its release, and it’s lovely having our feedback being heard and promptly addressed. It’s not something you see every day with new features (albeit it has improved in recent months), so ty :grinning:

Also, this is huge! Please let us know once this is enabled so we can re-format our kick messages to display much nicer.

ok i’m late to the party and all but this isn’t ai?? i understand that it may seem so but roblox has information like your hardware and stuff so they can pin a specific thing down and then flag that

With regards to the wording, we will be keeping it as is for now. Our policy/legal team and company leadership have made it a hard requirement that a user will be able to easily disambiguate that these bans are coming from the experience they are in, rather than Roblox as a platform. In line with that, a user should be able to easily tell that the message they are seeing is coming from the experience, and by extension, its creators, rather than Roblox as a platform. We do have some leeway on the exact wording, such as dropping the “creator” part and saying “the experience’s moderation team” or something along those lines. If you, or any other creator, are harassed as a result of the wordings we have chosen, please report it immediately. We will be closely monitoring for these types of abuse.

With regards to alt accounts, the team has made a decision to minimize false positives (that is, accounts that have been flagged as an alt account of a banned user but are not actually an alt account). This unfortunately results in the very high false negative rate that everyone is commenting on. We will be looking to change these tradeoffs in the next phase of this project.


i think the best solution here is just “the experience”

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For this you could just create a signal that runs under a banning wrapper. I don’t think that the use case is strong enough to warrant it’s own API

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Understood; thanks a lot for the detailed explanation :slightly_smiling_face:

This would be awesome. My first preference would be changing the term “creator” to “moderation team”, but the thoughts of others who raised the same concern should also be considered: @NodeSupport @ElectrifyThunder @LoveingLiamGuy @bizbot19 @Sk8llz @2jammers @Pismyren :wave:

Appreciate the insight into the alt detection. Are there any approximate timelines you can provide for when the next phase will be close to release?

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