Introducing the Maximum Framerate setting

No. Do you happen to have a Nvidia GPU? Forcing vsync off in control panel MIGHT help

I have an AMD, Ill try that in AMD’s version of the panel. edit: turning on FreeSync fixed it kind of, still sometimes tears, I guess I’ll just play on windowed for now…

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I’d appreciate if another, higher fps option (or custom / uncapped) was added [even if it was just for studio]. I get that capping the fps can be important for developers, but when I’m testing my own games I want to be able to experience the fps my computer and monitor can handle.

roblox does use the GPU, see 100% utilised!! also, if it was software rendered, it would run at like 10fps, and I doubt future lighting would even be possible.

75Hz and 165Hz option when? Really any value from 30-240 should be allowed.


When will this option be available for MacOS users? We still don’t have this option in the ARM-64 version of ROBLOX.

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as i was saying…


also, that means before this update you downvoted EVERY SINGLE FREAKIN GAME ON ROBLOX LOLLLL
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LETS FUCKING GO ROBLOX. This gives me hope that there may be a graphics setting update. Thank you so much!