Introducing the New Lua Game Details Page


Ah fair enough!


Lua is very fast, yes, but one would think that if you’re going to increase the speed, you might as well go all the way. Hence using the backbone language C.

Be_nj’s point is very interesting and probably the main reason they decided to use it.


The app always had an avatar editor, although before the in-engine one, it was under the “More” section where you would find stuff like profile, settings, etc. now.


To clarify any confusion, all the heavy lifting to draw our Lua pages is done in C/C++. The pages are only described in Lua which makes everything easier to maintain.


Ah I see. Well finally got there. Cheers


That heavy lifting is done using the same UI system that we expose to developers (TextLabels, ImageButtons, UIListLayouts, etc.), that I work on maintaining.

They have better performance (at least for load time / responsiveness) than using web views for the pages, and they aren’t platform-specific (Objective-C + UIKit on iOS, Java + UI Views on Android) like native code would be.


platform specific means more maintaining but also has its own benefits. Why not use swift?


Any idea when with will be renabled?


This looks nice in my opinion. I like how it’s dark since it’s more easier on the eyes. Great work from the Roblox team again!


I believe their work resumed this week, so it could take some time.