Introducing the New Lua Game Details Page


Ah fair enough!


Lua is very fast, yes, but one would think that if you’re going to increase the speed, you might as well go all the way. Hence using the backbone language C.

Be_nj’s point is very interesting and probably the main reason they decided to use it.


The app always had an avatar editor, although before the in-engine one, it was under the “More” section where you would find stuff like profile, settings, etc. now.


To clarify any confusion, all the heavy lifting to draw our Lua pages is done in C/C++. The pages are only described in Lua which makes everything easier to maintain.


Ah I see. Well finally got there. Cheers


That heavy lifting is done using the same UI system that we expose to developers (TextLabels, ImageButtons, UIListLayouts, etc.), that I work on maintaining.

They have better performance (at least for load time / responsiveness) than using web views for the pages, and they aren’t platform-specific (Objective-C + UIKit on iOS, Java + UI Views on Android) like native code would be.


platform specific means more maintaining but also has its own benefits. Why not use swift?


Any idea when with will be renabled?


This looks nice in my opinion. I like how it’s dark since it’s more easier on the eyes. Great work from the Roblox team again!


I believe their work resumed this week, so it could take some time.


I’ve had the luxury of testing this new page. Looks great! The dark theme should really be an option for the rest of the site and app. There are only two things that could change about this page:

  1. The group social link takes you to the mobile website instead of opening the groups tab in the mobile app
  2. The same information on the game rating and number of players playing is displayed twice


AB test is back on for iOS devices! We will keep this thread updated with additional information as we continue working on this page.


When you downvote a game the arrow turns green. I think it should turn red like on the PC game page.


I like it except for one thing: Can the background be something besides this plain white Roblox logo? It looks really bad in my opinion.

It’d be extremely cool if the background changed colors depending on the thumbnail of the place. Kind of like how Spotify changes depending on the album art:

If somebody made a mock-up of that and posted it here I think that would be really cool. It’d also make the website feel a lot more immersive

Way to get a pixel colour from an image

Exactly this! Let developers create an expressive and vibrant landing page for their game.

Putting the Roblox logo behind everything might be taking “let the Roblox brand fade into the background” a bit too literally.


We absolutely agree. We have some awesome designs that make the page feel a lot more personal per game. Work is currently not planned as of right now.


Is this feature planned for Android as well, and if so, when will it be available for it?


There’s a bug with the follow button. After unfollowing, you can’t follow again until you reset the app. I would show a video but Discourse won’t let me upload it.

Here’s how to reproduce it:

  1. Follow a game
  2. Reset app
  3. Open app again
  4. Go to game details page and unfollow the same game from step 1
  5. Try following again
  6. An error should appear
  7. Reset app again
  8. Go to same game from steps 1 and 4 and try following again
  9. No error should appear


I’ve been thinking about this Question for awhile now but i’m quite curious what it’ll look like on the Desktop Page?


Another thing I’ve noticed is that links are grayed out with the rest of the text and can no longer be opened.