Introducing the New Lua Game Details Page


I recently was going to down vote a game on mobile and being used to the web view, I clicked on the right side, which is now upvote instead. I did catch my mistake, but maybe this should be changed so it’s consistent?


Up should’ve always been on the right, they should just match with the rest of the site.


Looks good. On iPad or tablet though it looks a bit off, and it doesn’t fill the display like it used to. Maybe a dark theme for the app?


Even though it’s just some UI adjustment, this is still something I’ve been waiting and wanting for so long, the mobile app is finally getting a huge improvement! :+1:

Let’s hope the app runs smoother after all Lua updates are being published!


It’d be cool if it was just a blurry version of the game’s thumbnail, and it smoothly blended between different blurry thumbnails.


That would be so cool. I hope it happens!


I love how if you switch apps, rotate your device at the right times you can actually see the skybox for a frame or two

Also, another bug you can’t vote on games currently


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I believe this would be helpful to avoid confusion when it comes to rating games on this new page: Mobile update: Thumbs down is the down arrow, but it turns green? Please change it to red