Introducing the Sessions Manager 2.0

Hello Roblox Developers,

In this topic I will be explaining the process of the Sessions Manager and how it works. The Sessions Manager is a simple system that assists you with your group sessions for like Hotels, Cafes, etc. This system goes from announcing sessions, announcing when sessions are concluded, and logging player’s attendance during the session.
Here is a preview of the main Sessions Manager UI. (This UI is pretty basic.)

Once you fill out the information needed for this, (Player Username, CoHost Username, Time) the system will fire a remote event to publish what is needed to discord, through discord webhooks.

Here is how it looks, once the information is sent to discord. This system also includes cooldown, filtered text to avoid abuse, etc.

Any feedback is appreciated, thank you for reading.

Have an amazing day Roblox Developers!


The first 2 would be great. Idk about the attendance one tho. I could see this being useful for cafe trainings but why have to marked absent or late?