Introducing Today’s Picks - A New Curated Sort on Home [Pilot]

Please remove this because it is in the way and I strongly dislike.

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I’m sorry Roblox but it’s coming to the point where you’re draining new and smaller games so much that it’s impossible to even live on the extremely hard work we put in.

My game is above 90% on almost all KPIs with a D1 retention of 15.49%, D7 retention of 3.56% and AST above 20 minutes. Our monetization is also very good with a ARPDAU of over 5 and the only KPI we’re struggling on is CVR because Roblox shrunk our American playerbase by so much that most people who play, typically come from countries that can’t spend as much. So we lower prices, our ARPPU goes below 90% and now we’re in a loop where we keep having to balance them.

Our players love the game, with a 91% like ratio, but our impressions by Roblox are now 100-500k per day which literally nothing for the great KPIs we’re having. We do weekly updates and work 12-14 hours a day just hoping that one day this algorithm just changes around. But it’s coming to the point where I would need to get a 2nd job just to keep making games. It’s a complete state of emergency and this is killing any chance of new games to exist.



It appears not to be fixed. I have over a thousand players, almost all are returning players because Roblox is not pushing my game whatsoever. 74,000 impressions when all stats are above 90 percentile is so frustrating because I don’t get told what I’m doing wrong, yet there clearly is something wrong because the algorithm is destroying my game.

If this continues for a few more weeks, there is a chance that not only will the game die, our entire living and extremely hard work was for waste.

We have extremely good stats, I’ll even show them to you if you’d like. It’s not fair and I’m already having to cut wages because we can’t afford to keep up the game anymore.


How many impressions are you being served? It’s lower for me now even after the fix. I’m in absolute shock because all my KPIs are great


It is been a week since the Today’s Picks update and I’m here to deliver my conclusion on the results. My game dropped up to 50% on every KPI. Being a developer with no youtubers support your only hope was on the home page with “Your friends playing” tab. Almost all the new players were coming from there, since Roblox recommendations algorithm mostly support only the biggest games. Now this tab is practically removed, leaving the game I was working on for 2 years (having weekly updates) to die just within a week.

I was submitting many requests for Today’s Picks, also my game’s fans did. And we were not approved even once. So now, whether the years of your work relevant or not is up to some people manually deciding who deserves the recognition and who doesn’t?

And what do we see in the Today’s Picks tab in the end of the day? Games with thousands and even tens of thousands CCUs already, with a small portion of cherry-picked small games. I’ve been developing on Roblox since 2013, and this update is the biggest discourage I’ve seen so far.

We have to let the ROBLOX know that right now this new system does quite the opposite from what it supposed to do.

Developers, please speak up.


I appreciate the swift response regarding the bug! The majority of my post still applies however and I want to make sure it is listened to.

I have waited a few days to make sure what is happening to my game wasn’t just a bug. This homepage update literally killed a game I’ve spent over half a year of work. You can even see exactly when this homepage update was rolled out to the majority of users:

I would love some follow up on this update and future plans because my game was on the up trajectory and this update completely took that away. That growth was what I’ve been waiting and working towards for months! It has been 3 days and the claimed goal of pushing “new and recently updated experiences” has not only not been accomplished, but rather has done the opposite. The games I’ve mostly seen benefit from this update are already establish games.

I will not be working on my game or the platform for that matter until either this update is reverted or the update accomplishes what it’s meant to accomplish.

If further examples/stories are needed, I see a lot of posts above this one describing the exact same experience my game and I are going through.


The removal of CCU from experience tiles probably hasn’t helped either. My games are also shedding players rapidly since they decided to start screwing around with everything for no reason.


Please revert whatever changed last 24 hours. This is the worst state it has been at so far! They’re all huge games and have 0 relation to me. Even just yesterday it was recommending games I wanted to play.


This issue is still happening.

Today 2/4 games have already been featured before and are being featured again. Every single game on this sort is a massive game that already gets enough attention from roblox.

I thought the goal was to promote smaller/new/updated experiences? So far this hasn’t happened once.


Judging by the way how “Today’s Picks” pick games and forum posts’ complaints about that since the day this feature came out, this really change nothing or improve smaller games. Still dominated by popular or ultra popular games. There has to be some kind of limitations on how many players a game can have in order to be on “Today’s Picks”. Perhaps this needs to have an max number of players before a popular game stop appearing on Today’s Picks, like maybe 2,000 online players max ish?

I think this kind of system has more bias toward to the popular games to make them more visible. So in order to be on the middle ground; front page needs to be just games with most players (just like a decade ago, it worked fine) alongside with its own page dedicated to the genre each (horror, sci-fi, etc). With that, we’d have a well balanced experience rather than have an overengineered experience like the current Home page and sponsors. You want us to scroll less? This is the solution you’ve been looking for.


I don’t understand on my main I don’t have this grids but my alts have on is located in the Netherlands and langouce on Netherlands and on english but my friend @ParallelismTheme (he is our group owner from our brand unviere) is located in the us and langouce english but don’t have the today picks

Test acc

NPC acc to make npcs

My main


I was excited to see some underrated games with low CCU that might finally get into the spotlight with this new sort, but unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be the case.

So far in the 11 days and 44 games that have been shown on this sort, I’ve only seen 2 underrated games that have been chosen, every other game already having thousands of players. I’ve also seen some games appear twice, which I understand was mentioned in the initial post, but I have no doubt that there were a plethora of submissions of thousands of games which could have been shown instead.

Whoever the “curators” in charge of this sort are, they clearly are only interested in boosting games that are already extremely popular rather than helping smaller games reach audiences that may not have considered playing their game (you know, the entire purpose of this sort to begin with!).

I really hope ROBLOX takes this feedback into consideration, and starts prioritizing games that are in dire need of exposure, if they do decide to make this a permanent feature.


I’m still getting very little impressions and have yet to hear back about this issue. Would it be possible to shed some light on this as I still have 90% less impressions this month?


Amazing! Just put my game foward for it :+1:

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Yes, my game was going very good until the new update cut our CCU’s in half.


Yeah, I am just waiting for May 3rd for it to be reverted. I literally just saw a game (was only popular in 2015) that was last updated in 2020 being pushed to me on the homepage.

We acknowledge that growing your initial audience is hard, particularly for new and unique types of experiences. This pilot is a first step in awarding initial impressions to new and recently updated experiences so that we can better match them with the right audience.

Like I can’t be expected to believe this statement. Does Roblox want me to never trust what they say?


I’m so disappointed the lack of honesty that people have by making this fake feature Today’s Picks.
I’m sure Adopt Me and Doors never wanted to appear in Today’s Picks.
This is not cool.


Wow, you’ve put my thoughts over the past few years into a concise message so precisely.
I literally couldn’t agree more and it gets really tiring seeing these companies/institutions do this.
Have an awesome day

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I can not stress enough that I absolutely love all the updates you guys have been making to game recommendations lately. They’ve helped smaller developers a ton with getting games out there, and honestly it’s amazing.

Besides this update. This update is not very good.

Every time I looked at the picks, I never saw anything that interested me, which is a big problem. My recommended consists of stuff like donation games, sandboxes, obbies, tycoons, stuff like that… why do I see a bunch of RPGs and mind-numbing simulators in my Today’s Picks? It’s a lot less like the recent algorithms you’ve made, and a lot more like the old one. You know, the one everyone hated?

Speaking of that, the games in Today’s Picks are almost always well-known games with millions and millions of visits. That goes against all the recent recommendation updates you’ve been making before this. I’d say this is probably due to needing to complete the Nomination Survey which… locking this feature behind a blatantly biased survey just kinda serves to hurt most developers rather than help them.

And apparently this has been crushing the CCUs of a ton of developers. Not me though, but that’s because I’m just not popular enough to notice a drop in that sort of thing. Definitely needs to be noted though - this IS actively hurting people.

I recommend scrapping this update, it was entirely unnecessary and has only really served to hurt some developers. But if you don’t, I recommend you do the following:

  • Improve the algorithm used for Today’s Picks like you did with normal recommendations.
  • Might be a hot take, but I recommend changing the amount of games on display from 4 to 8. It could definitely help variety (I’ve seen 3 of the same style of game appear once lol)
  • REMOVE THE SURVEY AND LET ANYONE USE THIS FEATURE. This one specifically NEEDS to change if this update can be seen as some sort of positive to ANYONE besides those already successful developers.

Please, either scrap this update when the testing period ends, or fix the issues it has before fully releasing it. Either are preferable, just do something.


Does anyone know where this iteration of Today’s Picks is? I’ve never been able to find it on the Home or Discover pages. Strangely, I’ve never seen it during this entire testing run.

I’ve looked on the Home page, never seen it anywhere. As required, my language is set to English.

That goes for both PC (app and website) and mobile. I haven’t seen it on any platform.