Introducing Today’s Picks - A New Curated Sort on Home [Pilot]

This is possibly the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen and fairly offensive.

If I want people to play my game, I want them to play my game because they like my game/enjoy playing my game. I don’t need pity from a big company because of the skin color/gender/disability/sexual orientation that I happen to have. The most respect you can show to minority groups is quite literally to treat them the exact same as everyone else.

I don’t need special consideration because I’m a disabled woman making games… I have only questions for whoever it was at Roblox that thought it was remotely appropriate to consider this.


Yea I agree with this. Really strange/bad move by Roblox.


Discrimination does exist, and it does threaten treating people equally. But on Roblox, we might not easily know whether a developer is a minority or not. How can we discriminate against a developer if we don’t even know their race or gender to have bias or unfairness in the first place?


I was not expecting that to appear in the survey. I don’t know how Roblox plans to use it, but it makes me a bit nervous that they are just collecting and retaining this information for what I assume is tied directly to a user. While it is broad with all the stuff it clumps together (Edit: assumes no external data. A selfie posted on social media narrow down to a few or one option), it seems a bit much to just have on hand about the game leads that apply.


Every time marginalized people are given opportunity, people of privilege complain until that opportunity is taken away. It isn’t fair. Everything that is done to justify it isn’t fair.

And sometimes it’s just obvious that some one is a minority, like how I never disclosed wether I have minority status, and yet I was called out as a minority.

If you sit there and pretend that minorities don’t face extra adversity, than that adversity doesn’t go away.


As a woman myself, I find the minority question a little bit offensive; this is likely going to be used to boost subpar content for “minority points” as it always goes. Because of this stupid industry trend with secretly babying minority groups, I cannot be confident in my own work anymore - am I being highlighted because my work is good, or because I am a woman? Was I hired for my skill, or to fill a quota? Supporting equal opportunity is not accomplished by artificially boosting the potentially disadvantaged, and without further information on how this is going to be used, I don’t feel good about Roblox collecting this information.

Wow. Really love that moderation went through here and randomly culled messages related to this sensitive topic and left random others out of context, distorting the reasoning people have for their opinions. Super cool. Thanks.

Nutshell: affirmative action is an easy shortcut that people have fooled themselves into thinking is the solution to every representation issue because social progress is slow and people want to see numbers go up. It works in some places, but not here. The solution here is to improve the platform, resources, do outreach, etc. to the point where everyone has equal opportunity to get involved and to succeed. Not artificially boost the work of minorities over others. If Roblox works on equity at a higher level rather than cheating downstream, this sort of positive discrimination becomes rightfully unnecessary because more minorities will get involved and succeed of their own effort and volition, rather than being spoonfed success. Teach a man to fish and he can eat for a lifetime.


you realise we have multiple ai tools inside of studio, right? including “art” generation if you want to get technical. ai art is doing it’s purpose here by creating extremely temporary placeholders that no one is ever going to use longterm/meaningfully. it’s prototyping which, if anything, is what ai should be used for


I mean, this can happen, but from some of the replies here:

To be fair, even some people in minority groups dislike the question. If we’re trying to be conscientious of minorities, shouldn’t we start by listening to what they’re saying?


blade bone better be a horror game


The only reason I can think of this being used is to see if discrimination is taking place. But there are so much better methods to do that than this.

This has no use whatsoever and should be removed as a whole. I constitute as 3 of these things that was listed, but if someone that doesn’t constitute as any of them does a better job than me, then the job should go to them instead of me. (I thought this was common sense.)


I consistently face discrimination my entire life, and most people actually do.

If someone makes a valid point and is not a listed minority and/or has not received a significant amount of discrimination in their life, their point is still valid. For example, if person A is a non-minority and says that an apple falls due to gravity, and person B says the same thing but is a minority, both are equally true and one point is not more valid than the other.


I’m guessing they wan’t to have more diversity? I’m not sure how they’ll fact check it though…

These AI images are actually scary…


Its time I max out on all the stats >:) - but this is insane, I didn’t get this question at all though, I think its cause I pressed not sure for the partnership question I believe


Everybody’s talking about the minority survey, but I’m just deeply disturbed by that far right AI image.

You guys couldn’t find any preexisting 16:9 thumbnails?


Happy to see a curated sort, the algorithmic sorts were getting stale, and all I ever see these days are the same games reordered in various ways in various sorts. Hoping this will raise some interesting new experiences.


Not sure why everyone’s complaining about the AI thumbnails? They work fine for a bunch of placeholder places, it’s not like this is a major announcement for Roblox 2 or something important that would require good artwork, it’s just an example image to show how the new sort is going to look like. I think the usage of AI here to save time is fine.


They could’ve looked less disturbing.

The one on the right specifically…


I don’t feel that way. People are making to big of a deal about it.

If Roblox wants to support marginalized people, THAT WANT TO BE SUPPORTED, let them.
I would love for Roblox to show my talent, and my talent will speak for itself. The struggle I have faced made me a better developer.

And I have faced adversity as a Roblox developer. I also don’t know what you mean when you say most people face discrimination, that’s kinda not true…


Wow, I just noticed. It’s horrifying. Though the other three look completely fine to me, so I don’t really see an issue


Unfortunately, nothing is safe from the construct of “Diversity Equity Inclusion”… everyone with a clear mind knows it’s all lies and pushes an agenda but oh well. We’ll watch it all fall apart in future time.