Introducing Toolify!

Do you find creating Tools tedious?

You have to first insert the Tool instance, then put all the required things into it, then weld it together (or use an autoweld script). There should be a better way!

Luckily, I’ve created Toolify, a plugin that aims to fix those problems!

Toolify adds a single button to the Plugins menu that instantly compiles and welds all selected parts into a tool! (You can also set your own hotkey in Studio, go to File > Advanced > Customize Shortcuts, and search “Toolify”.)

Here’s an example of Toolify in action, using a popsicle model I found in the Toolbox:

As you can see, Toolify makes creating tools MUCH easier.

I hope you’ll use Toolify with your creations!


Nice plugin. I personally use a weld plugin which has a bunch more features then just creating tools but I can see this being used by other people.

This is a plugin i wont miss, bookmarked. thank you.
Will there be a hotkey for this.

this is so useful, thank you !

I didn’t think of doing that! Thanks for the idea.

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Alright, there should be a new update released that lets you press CTRL + T to Toolify.

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