Introducing ToonWorlds!

Hello! Here are a few sneak peaks of an upcoming game I’m creating with my team, Rubber Duck Games! What are your opinions? (don’t worry the characters will have clothes)

Here is our group link if you would like to support us!

Here is our Discord server where you can view our progress!


I LOVE the cartoony themed builds, especially the bunny house/hut.
The limbs of the characters look a bit awkward, but I suppose they’ll look better with clothes.

Good luck!


Yeah, they will definitely look better with clothes haha

Cool builds looks great already!

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Thank you so much!! I’m glad you like it

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No problem looks epic!

I can’t wait to see the release!

Amazing! I like the cartoonish feel to the game, makes it seem like some sort of fantasy game. Looks great!

Very interesting game. What us the game about?

So, what is this? A survival game, if so it’s cool!

Omg the game looks spectacular I need to know when the game is coming outttttttttttttt

If you are wondering what the game will be about, it will be a cartoony adventure game where the player travels to worlds using portals. Each world will have a conflict for the player to solve. The player will come across many enemies that they will have to defeat in each world. Along the way, the player will have to collect broken portal pieces in order build the portal for the next world.

We are going to try to release it for testing purposes in about 3-5 months. If you would like to stay updated, you can join our discord server!

this is so incredibly cute, Love it

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Looks really cool!
I absolutely love the bright natural sunlight, it makes it feel real! Also I like the cartoony theme, a lot of games don’t get it right, but yours is spot on!

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This looks amazing! Especially the builds. The builds mark out the cartoon style. Nice work and good luck!

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This look so amazing!
I love the art style, and low-poly builds!
I will definitely be playing this game as soon as it comes out!
Great job!

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Thank you everybody!! It means so much :smiley:

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I saw your characters and i wonder if you plan on using skinned meshes on them?

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To be honest I have been thinkin about making them skinned meshes, but I don’t know how

I would be lying if I said I knew :clown_face: i don’t even know how to make characters but yea :sweat_smile: I know skinned meshes can be really useful in 1.0 characters already and i saw your character had these limbs things, don’t know what to call them, but still, your creation is pretty good; I’ll check it out tomorrow right now I’m on my phone :smiley: good job!