Introducing Translation Feedback

that’s a great system

could selecting the translation as inappropriate be used as reporting? If a player is bypassing the filter as an example


It’s not good that the user can select invisible parts or parts with no Text. Also UI?


Is it possible to block/deactivate this while sitting in a vehicle?

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I’m all for supporting translations on the platform, but I’d really prefer if this feature could be disabled / configured. Many of my experiences use multiple text labels for a singular text string due to some specific text rendering complexities; this feature not only confuses users who may be trying to provide genuine feedback but also breaks the immersion in some specific cases.

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Very cool update :+1:

filler text hehehehehhehehehehehehe

Could we expand this to generic game feedback? Using the group wall is impossible for feedback.

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Now, this changes everything…!

I don’t think a child that’s smart enough to notice and report a translation error would leave a dislike that easily

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I agree, but that’s the problem: We don’t know.

Hey everyone - quick update that translation feedback is now available on mobile devices!

Thank you all for your feedback so far - we are actively reviewing your bug reports and suggestions and will definitely take them into account as we iterate on this feature.


The option is greyed out for me on Mobile and shows as “unavailable” in almost all games whereas it works fine on PC.



Both screenshots are taken from the same game which is Promidius Games Granny but the option is greyed out and is unavailable for me on Mobile on almost all games. My mobile phone is a Samsung Galaxy M12.


Hey @ItzAidfoplays390 - thanks for flagging!

In order to avoid crashes, we have a check in place that will make Translation Feedback unavailable if your device does not have sufficient memory. Currently, this check is fairly stringent as we don’t want to negatively impact performance, so it’s possible that your phone is often meeting this threshold.

I think there should be better feedback provided as a grayed out button is not very clear. Maybe a caption that shows “Translation Feedback is not available on your device”?

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Hey, there’s a problem with the feedback option: In the game I’m playing, there’s scrolling frames, and I can’t reach to report the failed translations, plus, for the translation to appear, I have to hover the item so that it shows up its information, which makes it impossible for me to really send feedback.

When should developers start to be able to see the translation feedback in the localization page?