Introducing Translation Feedback

[Update] May 22, 2024

Hi Creators!

Localizing your experience is essential to engaging a global audience. But whether you use manual or automatic translations, there may be mistakes in the translations for your experience that are difficult to find without the help of your players.

That’s why we’re excited to roll out the translation feedback system, which enables users to leave feedback on wrong or missing translations they encounter, from directly within an experience. Today, this feature is only available on desktop; however, we plan to enable mobile support within the next few weeks.

How It Works

  1. When a player sees a string or translation they want to give feedback on, they can go to the Settings menu and select “Give Translation Feedback.”

  1. Once they tap the button, they’ll see a freeze frame of the current game state and will be able to select any text in the scene.

Note that while players are viewing the freeze frame, gameplay continues as usual in the background to prevent cheating and exploits. This means the clock keeps running, their avatars can still take damage, they can be teleported to the next stage, etc. However, RenderStepped and PreRender will not be called while players are giving feedback, as the game is not being actively rendered. They will start firing again when players exit the freeze frame. This behavior is consistent with other situations in which the game is not being rendered, such as when the Roblox app is minimized on mobile devices. If you are depending on these events to be called every frame, you should use another RunService event such as Heartbeat instead.


  1. Upon selecting the text, they can fill out a form to describe what they think is wrong and suggest a replacement translation.

  1. Once they submit their feedback, they can either choose other text in the scene to leave feedback on, or they can exit and go back to regular gameplay.

How This Impacts Your Translations

When players leave feedback on manual translations, we will internally validate their feedback and suggested translations. If it is valid, we will display the feedback in your experience’s Translation Portal. You can see which entries have feedback available from the string list, and you can accept or reject the feedback as you see fit. You may start seeing feedback for your translations in the coming months.


When players leave feedback on automatic translations, we will use validated feedback to train Roblox Translate. As the model learns more and more from player feedback, new and improved translations may become available and we will update relevant translations.

The more feedback we get, the faster we’ll be able to improve translation quality across the platform. So please help us spread the word! Let your players know about this feature and encourage them to leave feedback whenever they see translation issues.

What’s Ahead

We’re always looking to improve translation coverage and quality across the Roblox platform. Some exciting things coming next:

  • Extending translation feedback to include chat
  • Translating images
  • Translating out-of-experience features, such as platform chat

We’ll continue sharing our progress here, and you can also check our Creator Roadmap to stay updated on what’s ahead. As always, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you!

Creator Translation Team


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Hey there, I’m wondering how/if this would work on Ui. This seems like a great update but by the examples shown, I don’t see any calls to the user interface (Text labels on screen, etc). Also, the game running in the background would mess up a lot of gameplay. Could you please add a warning screen when they click this so they’re aware? (i.e, a child sees a translation error and doesn’t know that the game is still running, they soon discover this as they’ve died and leave a dislike on the game.)

(Also, that Inappropriate or Derogatory section is quite questionable, I can see a lot of users abusing this because of how vague it is.)


This is actually really useful :fire: It is going to help more than one than other. Thank you Roblox Team for this feature! Great updates come and are coming :slight_smile:


:happy3: This is an awesome change! We’ve asked for the ability to post feedback regarding translations for quite a while now so I’m glad that it’s finally being added.
Thanks Roblox!


Yeah, we have repeatedly emphasised and continue to emphasise that Roblox’s automatic translations are a disgrace for some languages. I can confirm this at least for my native language, Turkish. Since the release of automatic translations on the platform, the Turkish language has not improved at all and has continued on the same path.

AI cannot detect context at all, most strings will be confusing to read and totally not readable or understood. Translation feedback is only valid for the currently reported experience. What about other experiences? Will the automatic translation be able to apply the context of the game we just reported for the other experiences?


I’m glad. Beats having to be alone in the fight against improper translations!


This is great! I’ve sometimes noticed minor errors when Roblox translates into other languages, and this feature makes it much easier to report these errors!


I think exactly the same as you. It’s nice that they’re finally taking action against this. I like this update. :happy2:


Would appreciate if this could be fixed/changed


I noticed a few slight bugs with Translation Feedback.
If your experience has a GUI frame overlaying text on a Surface GUI, it’s impossible to report the translated text as inaccurate. In this scenario, I can only choose to report translated text on the semi-transparent frame without text, the buttons, and the proximity prompt (see blue overlay for selecting a semi-transparent frame). Is there any way to fix this without removing the frame?

(See bug here: The Art Museum - Roblox)

One other bug: If you try using this feature in first-person, avatar accessories are visible:

Other than that, this is a great update that I have been waiting for!
(I just submitted this as a bug report as well)


Why don’t you create a classic feedback system for our games just?


This is amazing. I’ve been working to create an international experience for users worldwide to play Roblox together. This will help!


Amazing feature! This will be beneficial for players and translators alike.


Cool but the localizations table and are still fundamentally broken with substring patterns. I was told that people were assigned to this a month ago but are there any updates and ETAs? We are going to be blocked until that is fixed and no matter how nice this feature this is, we won’t be able to use it :frowning:


Nice feature, but there should be a way for the developer to disable this. It is not always relevant or necessary for every experience, and can be immersion-breaking.


I’m curious about the process when a piece of text is reported on the platform. Specifically, I’d like to understand what actions are taken in response to reports, especially in cases where content is falsely reported. It’s essential that the moderation process involves human verification before any actions are taken against a game. Additionally, I’d appreciate if there was a way to disable this feature for games that don’t offer translations, to ensure a smoother experience for developers.


Hey I know it’s not on the roadmap but I’m curious if adding manual localization support for marketplace items has been discussed?

currently (to the best of my knowledge), items are all automatically translated, with no option to add manual translations on the marketplace.



This seems like a nice feature which benefits everyone involved. The user gets better translations, the developer gets an easy way to receive feedback on their game’s translation, and Roblox gets the data they need to improve their translation systems. However, I think the ability to detect when a player is giving translation feedback should be added, since this could allow games to “pause” themselves to improve UX (e.g. the player won’t die while in this screen).

Are there any plans for an API to detect when someone opens the translation feedback screen?


Automatic chat translation, I know may not be related to this, but how the HELL is it that bad, that it doesn’t translate ANY Russian however translates some english phrases - to english phrases…