Introducing Videos in the Marketplace!

When are we able to Upload videos to the Marketplace?!

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It seems that due to a mix of moderation issues, larger problems, and the fact that this has probably been forgotten by most, it won’t be soon.

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I think so too, but It would be nice to see other creators find creative ways of using this feature!

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Can y’all just decide to either enable videos or deprecate the feature? It’s been 3 years with the same 50 videos & without any updates from the roblox team

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Judging by how this post is being handled along with it’s updates. I dont think we will be getting any more this great for a LONG time…

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An Update!

Roblox made a Forum post today regarding a Creator Roadmap - AMA with Dan Manuel

Fortunately @MetatableIndex was able to pitch in two questions both important but one is one we’ve all been waiting for.

What happened to VideoFrames? When can we expect them to become available?

If the photo above doesn’t load for you pretty much what @TheKingsHappyFool said (not word for word), they are working on videos available to all creators. And they have been for awhile, but its a big feature but also a huge safety issue as well. The issues that they are experiencing current is

  • Safety

They didn’t go to in details with this but with videos its a feature that can make a game better or ruin roblox reputation as videos may get bypassed (NSFW content) which is a huge safety issue for Roblox

  • Global Distribution

Similar to the safety issue once this feature releases they are going to get a large amount of people uploading at the same time so moderation is going to be slow when processing them.

What’s planned?

I can’t go to far into detail into this as I don’t work for Roblox but I can use information already given to us in the text, They plan on releasing the “first version” of it later this year. With Roblox always assume late in the year so I’d want to say Q4 (Maybe November), Reason why I say November is December a lot of staff go on vacation and aren’t available so it wouldn’t be a smart move on Roblox part to release a feature that could have unforeseen bugs after full release.

Now he stated “first version” so I’m not sure if they are releasing it in parts like they are for Dynamic Clouds so it could be anytime between late Q2 and Q3 of 2024 for a “second version” to be released.

Now of course things could definitely change but using the information we have now this is the most we can do is make guesstimates of release dates.

One thing I would like to say, is we have spent 3 years keeping this thread active and open so doing so allows us to post updates on new things we see around Roblox regarding this feature, so good job on that. :slight_smile:


After 3 years we got some news! Thank you for providing this information! :slight_smile:

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I do not understand why this has not been posted by any admin in this topic.


I have been seeing games lately that seem to have video so I’m wondering if this is a limited release right now? If so that’s awesome. I really think it should be an application-only thing that verifies devs because people will definitely abuse this if it becomes global.

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I believe those games are using methods like uploading a bunch of images at once, then zooming through them in game as frames an animation or video would work - basically they are forging their own way of adding video into their games until it gets released to the public.

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Since it’s been nearly 3 years (and I was so excited for this to be released) I think it’s safe to assume it’s an abandoned project. Wish something had been communicated at least on this. It would’ve been a great asset for developers but instead we’re still stuck with slideshows :roll_eyes:

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This needs to be continued! I refuse to wait any longer and this could’ve made games more realistic and fun! They would actually have a visual lore!

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I think they are using videos already uploaded by Roblox and released on the marketplace




GUYS BIG NEWS, ITS COMING SOON. however there are some VERY limited things about this.
MAX RESOLUTION OF 4K??? i mean thats not so bad.
and max file size of 187.5 MB… (which isnt bad but might be a problem in some small cases)

Also i know this is the first version of videoframe, but 2K per upload is absolutely crazy.


That’s promising, thanks for sharing!

Bruh when are they gonna release it?

Apparently something will be announced at RDC next week

It’s official, videos are coming this month. It’s been quite a journey!

It’s only coming to those who are 13+ and ID verified this month.