Introducing Videos in the Marketplace!

if you change VideoFrame video id from properties it does not change to “rbxassetid://id” like decals and images do


The two video limit being enforced serverside is a huge restriction, I was planning on using this feature for TVs players could place in plots, but this makes it infeasible. I’d love it if you could have more videos playing at once on the server and the client would only update videos in view of the camera


Wow, I can’t believe the day that we’ll finally be able to upload and use our very own video assets will be coming soon! Quite excited for the upcoming milestone to come! However, I have some concerns or questions regarding this upcoming update of yours that deserves some clarification or addressing.

I’ve listed my concerns below in the form of a question:

  1. Will there be a fee for uploading video assets that must be paid in Robux (R$)?

  2. How and/or will video asset theft be countered or prevented? Are different users able to upload the same video? If not, what if another user steals the video asset from somebody, trims and/or edits it a bit and reuploads it? I’m assuming it’ll pass through pending moderation again but does the original video owner have the right to report the stealer for asset theft or will the owner just have to deal with the asset being stolen and edited?

  3. Is there a minimum and maximum video length limit? If we will be charged Robux (R$) for uploading video assets, will it depend on video length?

  4. May video assets contain audio files or not? And will users be able to adjust the volume of the audio file attached or associated to the video asset post-uploading?

  5. Are users able to upload video assets that contain realistic figures such as actual human beings or will we have to stick to using 3D assets such as the Roblox avatar bundles sold on the avatar shop?

  6. Are video assets able to contain text in the video that’s written in a language besides English? I was assuming not as inappropriate use of language might slide through moderation as I doubt Roblox content moderators are polyglots, hehe.

By the way, the following link below redirects users to the Roblox home page, not the new Videos section of the Library in the Roblox Develop page. So, you may want to fix that error sometime. :wink:


This is absolutely amazing, the fact that a video that high quality can be run within the Roblox Engine is insane, I absolutely love all the care and effort the Roblox Staff put for the developers, I’m looking forward to see what great ideas the developers will come up with, however I do have some questions, how are you meant to moderate videos that contain Adult Imagery within them, when the custom upload comes out, how lag efficient are these videos for the other players?


This doesn’t look bad at all


Custom videos will be possible in the future.


It kinda sucks how you cant change the transparency for VideoFrames. I was hoping there was some way to overlap mutliple videos on top of each other but then again, that can be abused.


This is such an amazing update, I was planning to go to sleep but I’ll probably stay overnight and mess around with video frames experimenting on all the new things I’ll be capable to achieve. I’ve just got a few questions in mind that I’d like to ask.

  • How well will these video frames be able to be scripted
  • Is there a limit on how many videos there can be in a frame
  • How much will this effect performance on other devices

That’s most of the questions I wanted to ask, I’ll be surely testing this and giving feedback along the way. I love that you’re able to have a few pre-made ones now. I can’t wait until we’ll be able to upload our own videos but there’s only one concern and that is moderation since I know that a lot of my images got taken down even though they were simple objects or renders so that’s the biggest concern for me.

Edit: Wanted to know if we are able to have audio on these video frames too?


They’ll most likely have actual humans checking the videos


Videos are going to spice up a lot of games! Can’t wait to see a video instead of a 20-page image sequence or flip through a bunch of camera angles manually. I’m glad that there’s already a lot of “stock” footage available to use, but it feels rather concerning for the future of moderation. We’ve already seen people use bypassed decals and audio that are literal unedited images of unsafe content, what’s to say that videos are going to be safe from this problem once it releases to the public?
The only solution I can think of right now would be to lock video uploading to a select group of people and bring more people into it over time, similarly to the UGC program. However, that doesn’t stop this feature from being a great step up for developers.


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When are we gonna see developers have the ability to upload videos? Will this be the same as audio where we have to pay a small fee to upload the asset based on the length?

Even so, VideoFrames will open up Roblox’s freedom with what the engine can do and will add a new level of immersion to games.


Can’t wait to see where this goes! This has been a long time coming and I’m glad to see it’s finally here and out of testing!

I assume there is stricter moderation and possibly the staff watching them to see what the content is rather than a bot going over it?


The resolution is capped at 720p. Videos currently only support WebM as the video codec as well. This might change in the future but ROBLOX is probably being conservative about performance, particularly for mobile devices.


Could we have ScaleType in VideoFrames?
Yes, I know there’s a new resolution property, but it’d be nice to have this scaling feature on VideoFrames as well.
And adding a resolution property to Image Instances as well would be brilliant


It’s safe to assume uploading a video with a different format will convert it to webm, like how it’s currently done with audio.


When videos are available to the public, will they be paid access? If they are will they use the same rate as audios do? Even with paid access this still exists:


Yes! I won’t have to upload like 300 decals to do this any more!
I do have a question, though. All the current uploaded videos by Roblox have the same aspect ratio, so i’m wondering if we can set aspect ratios on uploaded videos. I’m assuming you can compress a video and stretch it out, but that might end up screwing the quality and might be bad for moderation.

Also, these will be fantastic for hangout places and especially tutorials. :slight_smile:


Absolutely fantastic, however, I did have a question. I’m not sure if this was already asked but would we be able to adjust the actual resolution of the video at some point?