Introducing Xynterical

Reconstructing my portfolio.
For programming, add me @Xynterical on discord.

Since I am a programmer, I am very limited to UI design.
I can not do it for you, and you only pay for my programming.

My projects

I only do programming, no design is mine.

Donation Board

Was hired for a donation board commission.

This is the result.

Book System

Was hired to make a book system.

This is the result.


Current Ratio

I accept anything from :robux_light: 1500+ after tax

Commission Pricing Formula

Total Price = Base Price + UI Fee

Base Price:

  • Base commission for programming work
  • Starts at :robux_light: 1500 or the agreed-upon base price for programming projects

UI Fee:

  • Additional fee for UI design (applied if UI work is required)
  • Calculated as a percentage of the Base Price, typically 40%


  • If Base Price = :robux_light: 1500
  • And UI Fee is applied (40% of Base Price):
    Total Price = 1500 + 0.4 * 1500 = :robux_light: 2100


Additional Options:

  • Hourly rates are available upon request, but may incur additional charges.
    Please contact me for details.

Hourly Rates:

  • Hourly rates are available upon request
  • Hourly work incurs additional charges

Estimated Earnings:

  • The exact earnings depend on the project’s complexity and scope
  • Contact me for a personalized quote and detailed breakdown