Invalid asset type Id

Hello Developers!
so im using this API to get all the images the user have. but when i pressed try it out, it showed me an error Invalid asset type Id. or

. I’ve tried search but i don’t see anything similar to this topic.

Thanks for helping out!

That’s a shirt.

oh. so which is the image asset type id?

Ignore that, I misread your post, you could try the AssetTypeId for decals instead, which would be 13.

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Kind of offtopic, but do you know like after the 100 assets, how can i go to another page to see if there’s more decals/images. because i tried everything i can in cursor, what i tried typing is:

next page
next Page

Hi! I just seen this post while searching an error I got. When you make the call, the table you get is composed of 3 keys: previousPageCursor, nextPageCursor and Data.


When you first leave cursor in blank, you’re getting the 1st page. And if there are more pages, you’ll see that in the nextPageCursor value will be some random string of characters. If you then acces the same username, but setting the cursor parameter to that nextPageCursor, you’ll get on the next page.

If there are no pages left, it’ll be null.