Invalid Attributes sometimes show up under every instance and cannot be removed

Sometimes in team create after stopping a test session, some attributes that are set to a model during runtime will mysteriously show up under every single instance.

These attributes cannot be modified in anyway as they appear to be in a broken state.

Addendum: Seems like running and stopping a new session will make it go away.


Are you able to reproduce this consistently (or with some consistency)? I vaguely remember a report of this in the past but we weren’t able to replicate it ourselves.

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Sorry for late reply, I’m afraid I can’t consistently replicate it, seems to just occur as a byproduct of something that I’m not aware of.

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I’ve personally never run into this. Unless we get a consistent repro there’s nothing we can do here.

I am currently literally having this problem, I cannot delete or modify the attribute

How often do you run into the problem? Can you reproduce it reliably?

this is my first time, and hopefully last.