Inventory API cursor looping infinitely

When using the{user_id}/assets/collectibles endpoint, the nextPageCursor in the response fails to advance to the actual next page sometimes, particularly for users with large inventories.

When the issue occurs, what seems to be happening typically is that the nextPageCursor will point to a mirrored copy of the inventory contents, and the subsequent nextPageCursor will point back to the previous cursor page contents, resulting in an infinite loop between those two cursor pages which continue to point to each other.

This issue also seems to be regional. Sometimes it will be reproducible in my live bot located in an Eastern US region, but won’t be reproducible in a Western region. However, it’s currently reproducible in both Eastern and Western US regions for me.


Using a tool such as Postman:

Example Sequence

Notice the nextPageCursor apparently cycles infinitely between 84137535_1_961fc7646d3ba245e9f944a3acc1edbf and 172361150_1_1aeae54058f30766d90ff92c7141e19c.

I believe that API is being phased out in favor of the V2 API, so I’m not sure if this is going to be fixed

We’ve identified the issue and rolled out a fix today.

Can you let us know if the issue continues to happen?