Inventory Interface & Advanced/Realistic Building


For the uppermost of the past three days I’ve been working on a unique system that I intend to use in a game of mine; it’s the beginning of not only an extremely detailed building system, but also an interface which is rather complex.

I hope you enjoy what you’re about to see, you can find a list of features below the videos.


  • Collapsing side-menu on hover
  • Custom scrolling frame to allow for draggable objects
  • Viewport Character
  • Drag to hotbar


  • Hold out your item, with animations, along with placing items.
  • Requirements; example is you need to place stone foundations before placing wooden supports, before placing your wall.
  • Auto-sizing/Corner adjusting walls, your wall will automatically align to corners, to prevent unwanted gaps, collisions, etc…
  • Holograph to show where you plan to place the object.

That’s really awesome, but a small touch you can do to make it just that little bit better is to orientate the player so the placement matches. Some basic IK would work too.


Looks nice! I’ll be keeping an eye on this thread. ;o