Inventory item for specific people

I want to have a tool in my inventory when I join the game but only I can have this tool.
So the f3x tool is what I want to have but if I put it in starter player the entire server gets it.

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Put it somewhere like ReplicatedStorage, then clone it to a player’s backpack if they meet some requirement.

Will this require a script, if so you can type the script i’m not good at scripting?

put this in server script service

if p.UserId == 1388924924 then
local tool = game.ReplicatedStorage['ur tools name']:Clone()
tool.Parent = p.Backpack

Is this the proper Id for f3x, because if it is then ok?
Also thanks for the script really appreciate. :slightly_smiling_face:

Could you please not reply with trolls?


He gave you your user ID so only you would get the item. You need the item in your game, in Replicated Storage and change where it said ‘ur tools name’ to the tool’s name as displayed in RS. Find the ID for the item in the avatar shop.
ex. ID for Crescendo
Crescendo, The Soul Stealer - Roblox (ID is 94794774)

apologies for the late reply, but the id is your id so only you get it, you would have to put your f3x tool in replicated storage and then change “ur tools name” to the exact f3x’s name