Inventory Publicly Visible

The ability to customize our profile privacy is something that can be useful, specifically, the ability to make it so other players can view your models, audio, decals, etc. There are a couple reasons for this: The first is stealing audio/decals from someone’s inventory. The second (and one of my reasons) is to prevent players from getting spoilers and hints to your game by looking through your stuff. Some people put decals on a separate account, but for things like audio and stuff, that isn’t as easy to do.

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Yeh. Privacy is a bit of a joke.

Everything is just displayed clear as day for anyone to snoop about at. It’s like someone going into your room and snooping about in it.

Clothing items are fine, but definitely let us hide developing-orientated stuff, or ideally let us choose from any category in the inventory to allow others to see it or not.
The very fact the people are creating separate account to gain such privacy tell you that this is a problem.

Before DevEx was introduced, I would disagree with you, with the argument that the game is totally free and everyone should have access to all things.

However, DevEx adds a bit more professionalism into the mix, since people (including me) are using ROBLOX as a significant income resource. With that in mind, privacy on asset contents should definitely be boosted.

Yeah, I’d prefer if I could hide my decals. I’ve come across people stealing them before and all it requires is to browse a persons inventory and take what you like. I know it can’t be prevented entirely, but I would at least like them to work for it rather than handing them out on a silver platter.