Inventory System

So i already have custom hotbar , but how to also make custom inventory gui like default inventory of roblox that connected to my hotbar, anyone know? Maybe resources to see/learn things like that?

No , i already have custom hotbar what i ask is like default inventory gui when u press “~” but i want custom GUI , but also connected to my custom hotbar

Custom Backpack Inventory GUI, not Custm Hotbar, but this Custom Backpack Inventory GUI is connected to Custom Hotbar

Like when on default backpack when you press “~” it open Rectangle Shape GUI, contain of tools that maybe more than the hotbar (10 items), but if you drag from this Inventory GUI to the hotbar it will change the hotbar tools

whoops didn’t know all the titles were misleading lol. Can’t really find the exact source but theirs 100% a way to customize the default backpack GUI without needing to do smth like StarterGui:SetCoreGuiEnabled(Enum.CoreGuiType.Backpack, false) and making ur own. Personally I recommend disabling backpack and creating your own hotbar + backpack as it gives you far more control over interaction and UX. but feel free to still search/wait for a solution

Well yeah like I told you I already have hotbar and disable the default backpack, I just want to know how to make custom Backpack and connect it to my custom hotbar, like if i drag from the hotbar it goes to the backpack, same like when i drag from the backpack to hotbar, it add tools or replace the existing tools in the hotbar.