Inverse Kinematics. Worth trying again?

Here I demonstrate some InverseKinematics, arms responding to a gun with a variable position dependent on math springs.
I made this three years ago. I might consider remastering it. But first I thought I should seek advice.
This IK is clunky. Aim at your feet, the arm flamingo bends. Walk around, your wrists jingle around. Weird artifacts. Jump an outlandish height, move around; your arms are going to hover in place. The only movement being unintentional snaps and wrist jingling.
For the amount of time and research put into getting myself up to the level where I made this at the time, the results are abysmal.
I’m sure now I could seek the most energy conserving alignment of the limbs, a dot product element of the IK of the forearm’s vector with a vector off the elbow joint forward designated “leastEnergyAlignment” or something for understandings sake.
But it’s still all speculation. And I don’t have the time to make mistakes and still pursue this.
And the Wrists, well R15 has wrists! I’d have to draw the decision to make them fixed to some part in the gun model’s orientation. Currently they are to the target point. Would making a target vector to which they inherited their orientation be preferable to FABRIK or something-3-limb-IK? At the current they still run the walk animation or whatever and so they just dance about. Yuck!
I figure the robotic hovering of the arms are fine if not preferable, my dislike of such stems only from the fact they make the other two problems apparent, if anything such robot aligning is desirable, it’s more responsive than anything else!
So if you made IK, and you did it right, be it the whole nine yards or just something more than this, I would love to hear. Anything to clarify what I should’ve done or how that thing is actually done would be awesomely appreciated.


I would say go for it, roblox has became more powerful and hopefully you’ve learned a thing or two about lua that could help you out.

Other than it being fun to make, what are your goals with the project?

If you’re making a FPS then IK will not likely matter as much as other things like balance, and weapons. A simple animation will work nicely as players are too busy in the action of the game to care about how their arm moves.

But if you’re going for more of a realistic vibe, and action doesn’t matter that much or is rare. Then reaction would be the focus point and IK would give the game a more natural feel.