Invincibility Per Respawn

Hello, I working on a game that basically uses scripts to appear with a 2007 client.

It shows the old force field and removed the new one, but how do I make it so that when you respawn, you’re invincible for 7.5 seconds?


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Option 1: add in the current ForceField, but make it invisible somehow. There’s got to be a bool to disable the visual effects, right?

Option 2: make custom functions that behave like Humanoid.TakeDamage and Explosions’ hit effects, except the check for the custom forcefield and regard it as the default ones would regard the current ForceField. Replace all uses of TakeDamage and explosions with the custom implementation.

You could also just have it so that when the character is added, you have an event that connects to the health and if it changes, you just instantly change it back, then disable after 7.5 seconds.

This would more than likely make the UI for taking damage appear on the screen still.

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