Invisibility from certain perspective

Im attempting to make an ocean system, but am unsure of an efficient method to make the ocean not visible from inside the boat (using mesh with bones), is there a way, for instance how people use shaders in unity to achieve this) to make the water inside the boat. There is of course the “one way glass” method but that might cause issues especially if the glass goes above the glass. I will default to that if a better method isn’t presented.

What? Huh? Uhhh…
Definitely provide more detail, I have no idea what you just said.

I don’t think you can. you can’t make a shader like in Unity.

I understand you can’t, i used that as an example of what i’m trying to achieve though, i’ll explain in reply to the other comment.

Im using a mesh with bones and displacing the bones to create waves, what’s important is that the ocean is a mesh. what i’m trying to achieve is a method to hide the ocean from those in the lower decks of the ship, without having to make the ocean just invisible after a certain depth. i wanna know if there’s a method to make a region of an object transparent or only invisible from certain angles

Make the plane a single-sided mesh in Blender

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The problem would be that its still visible from above the waterline inside the ship’s hull