"Invisible" elevator

I want to create a “invisible elevator” a point that if the player enters he will be impulsed to up or down, but i don’t know how to maje the impulse, I tried BodyVelocity but apparently you can’t use anymore and the nem vectorvelocity uses attachement, isn’t possible to put attachements on a character, what can I do?

you can still use bodyvelocity by writing :

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I tried put a body velocity on the humanoid but It Doesn’t create anything, it was a error on the script ?

Send us the script then, it’s the only way we can help you with your error

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And also the command guy above sent is supposed to be used in console, not in the script

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I can’t use the pc right now but the script was something like that

Local elevator = script.Parent.Elevator
Local Up = script.Parent.Up
Local Down = script.Parent.down

If Up. Enabled == true then
If hit.Parent.FindFirstChild(“Humanoid”) then
Local hum = hit.Parent.FindFirstChild(“Humanoid”)

Local Bv = instance.new(“BodyVelocity”)
Bv.Parent = hum
Bv.Velocity = vector3.new(0,10,0)


You have to set the force too, try instancing the velocity in the studio and then playing with it properties

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Ok, when I can use the pc I will try that.

Ok i was testing and discovered that one of the reason the script wasnt working is becaused anchored parts dont fire the touched event, how can I solve this?

Create an invisible part, anchor it and use as a thing to do .Touched thing

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You can’t use touched on anchored objects

Don’t you find that stupid a bit whet it works for me great? (actually not sure for now after the screenshot below cus i’ve been using dmg parts and i was anchoring em)

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Fr? Well try to weld the part instead anchoring

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Weld to the ground?


Just add a part where’s the teleport part supposed to be, anchor it and then weld the teleport part to this part (via weld constraint)

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It’s not a teleport, I want something like a cube that whenever the player enters will impulse up

I just call it teleport part, ok?

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Ok, I tried it, put a print script and worked, thank you.

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