Invisible glitch

Hello developers,

I’m currently having an issue with one of my games where when you join the game, the players are invisible & the only way you can see them again is by refreshing them with admin commands.

I don’t know if this is a virus in the game or just a simple bug that can be fixed? Any support/help about this would be greatly appreciated if you may know how to fix this problem.

In your game, is there any scripts or models that impact the player model or visibility (ex: tools, armors, etc)?

So what game and can u send the link to me so i can see?

This could be a potential virus, though seems like a strange one to design.

It could also be a graphical fidelity bug which occurs randomly sometimes in studio and ends up being pushed to live game servers. If it happens with the camera pointed in a certain direction, it’ll be this one.

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No, there is none that impact the players visibilty/model.

How would I be able to fix this issue if the issue is a graphical fidelity bug?

You can use the Find All tool to see if there’s scripts changing transparency.

Where is the find all tool located?

In the view tab next to terrain editor. It should be called "Find All / Replace All"

Thank you, I’ll try this out. Hoping it can solve the issue.