Invisible models

Each time i open up roblox studio, this happens. Some models just turn invisible. I checked each properties of each parts and they are not transparent. How can I fix this?

It only does that if the group of objects contain an Union.

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You said it only happen when you opened the game, I believe that the model was loading so I suggest you to wait for a bit.

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This has been a bug for a lot of people. This is only local and will not affect your game.

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Unions can be a big bug.

Sometimes, Roblox is not able to load or process them.

Therefore, they will be invisible.

Annoying bug, and not fixable.


As stated, Unions can be buggy.
You should probably try Searching ‘invisible union’ using the Search tool up above. That would have explained it.

If your model doesn’t load for a short period of time your union may be corrupted. This is most likely a known issue and it’s already been brought up over several times including bug reports regarding this issue consider doing a quick search before creating another similar thread, just to see if there are other threads related to your issue. Invisible unions:

You could use the tutorial linked below to recover your union. You’ll have to remake the part since that’s a rather simple solution. I wouldn’t use a union for something that simple as it could be recreated with using ‘normal parts’. You may want to take a look at this thread for recovering your unions.


Your unions decided to check out. Unfortunately this is happens more often than it should. I get around it by exporting the unions into an .obj and just importing them back in with a mesh part.

It’s most likely because of the fact that your models are still rendering in, this can be noticeable on worse wifi networks (my wifi intensifies,) or could be a server issue in your region.
This could also be an issue regarding a union corruption.