Invisible Object Hitbox

In my game, to avoid redundantly creating and deleting a weapon each time it is equipped / unequipped, I have the weapon on the hand set to invisible when my weapons are in stealth, and set to visible when they r not, but that is messing my player hitbox, as even when invisible the weapon hitbox counts as part of the player, can you guys think on any fixes? besides stuff like deleting/cloning a new weapon each time I hold it.
the only problem i had right now with this was the bubble chat, but it may affect stuff like hitboxes later i guess

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That should have a fairly simple fix, set the property CanCollide of all the descendants of the tool that are BaseParts to false, that should stop collisions.

wish that worked, they are already with “canCollide” off, and they do not collide as result, that player model still increases size

Try setting the property Enabled of the tool to false.

Try setting the CanTouch property of all the weapon Parts to false.

Turn off CanQuery for the weapons and/or assign them to a CollisionGroup that is not detected by your hitboxes.

tried setting all the 3 “Can” settings to false, and changing the group, still didnt work

I do not use “tools” it’s a costume inventory system I made, for the weapon it just has models inside the player as shown in the small demonstration video

Well, how do you detect hits? PartsInBox? Raycast? Magnitude?

i detect with range from the player, the problem isnt with detection, as that works fine, its more about how it affects the size of the player model according to its position during animations such as walk, or run, which then makes bubble chat move around

correction: i detect by creating a small hitbox in front of the player