Invisible parts after importing blender mesh

Hey there, so i have made this low poly terrain in blender that i quite like, but when i import it and play in studio it has these invisible parts that i cant walk through. I find this quite strange. Heres some screenshots:


Screenshot 2022-09-22 at 20.59.56
![Screenshot 2022-09-22 at 21.00.50|690x399, 100%](upload://uX0mL4JIh


If you have any ideas on how to solve this please let me know.
Thank you for reading.

  • sam

There are so many other posts on here about the exact same issue.
Basically the visually rendered version can be completely different than the physically rendered one.

Click on your MeshPart.CollisionFidelity and set it to PreciseConvexDecomposition and see how that works.
Big meshes with a small concave sections compared to the size of the enitre Mesh will give the same result as you see.

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i still float in some areas, even after changing it to PreciseConvexDecomposition. Is there any way to fix this?

You may need to cut the mesh into sections.

There’s a great plugin Mesh Optimization Tools - Roblox that shows exactly the physical shape of Unions and MeshParts.